It is the year for decluttering.  We have all realised how much junk has been in our homes. How little need or value they mean to us all.

Have you got accessories that were given to you and still treasure due to quality and thought process that went into receiving that gift?

I love items that are handcrafted with love and care from Europe, for me that is truly part of the opulent lifestyle.

There is always a debate when buying luxury brands, is its quality or do you just pay for exclusivity?

Minimalist Life

The following brands are small companies, the following items are handmade and made in Europe. They are luxury quality items which are small and anyone can travel with.

I have tested these products and so far after a few years, they still look fabulous and are niche items which make me feel unique and very happy every time I wear them.


The Love For Atelier Gifts

All my life I value and are drawn too handmade items. I adore the experience of meeting with the designers itself and my gift is giving them the on-line support and expertise they require.  My passion is to support unknown quality brands, as I can empathsize how hard it is to get these items known against the bigger luxury brands.

I am aware more so than ever after I sold, gave and threw things out. That the items I purchased most of the time were just impulsive buys and not needed. What I gave away were no value to me let alone far from sustainable.

During this decluttering process, it made m realise how much cash I wasted.

Italian Furniture Gracie Opulanza (2)

Gift Loved One’s Sustainable Items

When it comes to a birthday, Christmas, wedding or any other special occasion, with your gift list you can show your friends and family what you really want, so they don’t need to guess.

Online access allows you to search the web and take the time to understand gifts that will last for a lifetime.

Jewellery,  eyewear, clothing and handbags are always a safe option.  Choosing on-line small brands can allow your loved one to exchange the item if they don’t like it.

It takes that awkwardness out and makes the exchange process more appealing.

red wool cape

Nordgreen Copenhagen Watch

Created by award-winning designer Jakob Wagner, who has worked with household names such as Bang & Olufsen Designer Jakob Wagner, who has created a minimalist collection of classic and sustainable timepiece watches. They can be teamed with everyday items and have an understated appeal to it.

I opted for gold as it looks fabulous with my olive Italian skin and gold in summer looks and makes me feel posh.

Nordgrren watch

You can never go wrong with gifting a watch. With a Scandinavian background, Nordgreen Copenhagen has a variety of simple but elegant watches one can choose by. A watch that can be worn all day, every day, easy to travel with and it is not heavy at all.

When no longer needed you can give it away without damaging the environment.

Nordgreen copenhagen watch

Rings And Bracelets By NKB London

Naki creates fabulous high-quality items that can be worn with anything. Her items are easy to travel with and are a super gift idea. If there is something you can’t find ask Naki she will make it for you.

Shop the collections at  Nakibirango luxury bespoke jewellery with a difference.


Atelier Luxury Knitwear Croatia

Gifting luxury items that are not from the mainstream of fashion shows how much you care about your loved ones. This atelier designer Studio Markovic is luxury knitwear inspired by clothes that my mother wore. Each piece can take up to six weeks to make.

I have been wearing Studio Markovic knitwear for years and it still looks and feels amazing. Choosing sustainable items with a strong message of atelier items is the perfect thoughtful gift idea.


When wearing sunglasses indoors what is that etiquette?

Atelier Vegan Handbag Made In Italy

Vegan is a great gift idea it shows that you are conscious and aware with gifting items that don’t harm the environment.

One atelier designers that have a passion for vegan wear is  Le Maniglie Dell” Amore.  The aim of the designer is to offer women the option of buying a distinctive aesthetic item without compromising on ethical responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Margit’s passion for sustainable items is why she ditched everything fast fashion and leather goods. She lives a vegan and sustainable lifestyle. I have been to her Villa just outside Siena  Italy in Tuscany and it is truly wonderful.

Atelier Vegan Handbag Made In Italy

I wear this Cannella saddle bag all the time and again not heavy and easy to travel with. The atelier that assembles this bag also works for Gucci, all made here in Italy.


This travel Castellina bag has a detachable strap that allows variety in how the bag is worn, either as waste- or mini shoulder bag. Beautiful bold colours printed on velvet and long red tassels add a vibrant touch to this style. Fully lined with fine art printed microfiber with the print inside, super edgy.

I use this so much it is the perfect bag for a minimalist sustainable travel lifestyle.

KirkandKirk Eyewear France

Everyone loves good quality eyewear. Gifting an on-line voucher with the option of allowing your loved one to choose. Also shows you are interested in gifting items that are of high quality and are not common from the everyday brands we are all accustomed too.

Kirkand kirk eyewear celine 2020 Gracie Opulanza

One such brand is Kirkandkirk handmade eyewear. I have been wearing their eyewear for years and not one item has broken yet.

The comments I get are priceless, good eyewear is always a crowd puller.

kirkandkirk eyewear gracie opulanza