The amazing thing about travel is that every now and then a unique person steps out on the streets. This fashion icon knows how to dress and present herself  in an immaculate  way. Her outfit had me in a fashion frenzy. People like this are just masters of creating their own unique style.

Gaudi Vintage Glasses

Her vintage glasses were just purchased from  a vintage boutique called BLOW in El Born, Barcelona. They  are a unique Gaudi design. Yes the Gaudi that is famous for his colourful work all around Barcelona. The colour of these eye-wear were a spectacular purple. The amazing combination of a magnetic image of Gaudi teamed with rosemary beads just gave it such a chic look. The quirky flies on the lenses are just outrageously fabulous and who cares that you can’t see where you are going?

This lady is truly an inspiration that you can buy fashion but it takes courage and positive attitude to wear what she does.

She is a clear example you can wear the clothes, strut the image and not care what other people think. Have a look how she has teamed the whole outfit together and makes colour blocking for 2012 look average in comparison.

I know for sure that Iris Apfel would be envious just on the colour combination alone, followed by me.

vintage gaudi eyewear


vintage gaudi eyewear

How wicked are those Gaudi beads

vintage gaudi eyewear