I am fifty and this year realising that life is not as easy as it was when I was twenty. It pondered that my passion is clothing. I can’t change that. So as I once again go through my wardrobe I have decided to wear even my best clothes at home. Why?

Dixie lucca Italy Gracie Opulanza

Very simple because there comes a time when life is not on your side anymore. I have spent so much money on clothes in the last fifty years. I can’t fathom how much money I have wasted on fashion. Is it a waste? It has been part of my success in business to dress up and showcase my individuality.

It is who I am. It is how God created me to be addicted to clothes. I do have self-control as I don’t buy clothes at full price. In fact, in the last year, I only buy second-hand clothing. I use vestiaire to buy and sell clothes. I just value the quality of fabrics unlike fast fashion now.

peas philip plien tulle

Me in my tulle wedding skirt peeling peas.

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Then popping out for some milk.

How To Wear Your Best clothes At Home?

It’s a hard shift to realise that my costly wardrobe is sitting there wasting away. I do have two teenage girls. Who is starting to take interest in my collection? Which makes me very happy. But at the same time, I can’t just wait for them to grow into my clothes that after all may never be liked by my daughters.

How did I make the shift to grab clothes I love and wait for that special occasion. Then to decide life is a special occasion at fifty

I am now going through my wardrobe and wearing clothes I have held on for car reviews or hotel reviews. I am at an age where I figure just lounging in my expensive clothes is of value to me mentally. I am going through premenopause and it is tough. I am not a fan of pampering myself with prescription drugs. I rather tap into the wellness side of my personality.

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Me just lounging around in my Tuscan garden.

Wearing Dressup Clothes At Home Makes Me Happy

Life at the moment thanks to Covid, Ukraine and Russia. Has made me realize that time is not on anyone’s side. So the only wellness treatments that will guide me in coping through everyday life at home. Is by dressing up. I wear my YVL earings. I was lots of my favourite jewellery because it makes me feel energised. I am in Tuscany in a huge garden. I work from home. So I could look like a slob most of the day. What example does that set for my girls who I also homeschool?

I live in the centre of Lucca where women dress up all the time even to go get fruit and milk.

It is important for me not to allow stuff just sitting around collecting dust.

I am at an age where I don’t need to buy a thing. For that reason, I want to wear and maximise my purchases over the years. It is vital for my body, soul and progress at age fifty.


Just decided to wear a vintage wool top, and add some makeup ready to work in my garden.

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Yes, that is my expensive office chair outside. I value my back.

Just Wear It

If you are working from home. Dress up for zoom. Make an effort it will affect your state of well being. When you go shopping, dress up. Who cares what other people say. Dress to live, Dress to energise Dress to celebrate turning fifty.  Do things that cost nothing but make you happy within. Use all your crockery too. Get your best shoes out and Strutt outside in the garden.

Self-help comes within and at the moment I have been ill for almost a month. So it is important I do all that I can to make myself feel good inside and look fabulous from the outside.

So stick your basil plant in your Gucci bag. Slap on some makeup and live to dress.

gucci bag with basil