Clothing recycling can be fun. Check out these upcycled fur fashion designs. Made from unwanted vintage fur coats.

Italy has just banned all mink farming. The word fur in fashion is equivalent to not taking a vaccine.

Brands such as Gucci, Stella McCartney and fashion Weeks have banned using new fur. But what does it mean for textiles and landfills of fur just being dumped? Why are we not discussing vintage fur options as a must upcycling alternative for the fashion industry?

Creative Upcycled Fur Ideas for Sustainable Fashion fur

Fast Fashion Versus Vintage Fur

Fast fashion like Zara are now embracing atelier embroidery and working with the textiles wool industry from Italy. So why can’t we out of pre-loved fur work with vintage fur?  During Covid 19 the fashion industry was forced to rethink sustainability. Denim is now being recycled and fashion brands are suing scraps to recreate jeans and t-shirt. Zara knows so well that they need to be showing they are into upcycle clothes using reused cotton. Primark has so many old clothes unsold. Textile waste can not be ignored regarding environmental impact. Fast fashion has had harsh chemicals and up until now using old clothes and yarn for reuse to make a winter coat was not a priority.

Runways For Faux Fur

To give fur a new life it’s all about vintage fabrics of the past. Vintage fur is so amazing. I have coats and seen coats over twenty years looking amazing still. It’s a natural material that is unlike plastic pollution or plastic bottles affecting the planet. Old garments like fur now are being dumped due to luxury labels labelling it as animal cruelty. But what about the vintage fur still in excellent condition.?

Slow fashion is what fur fashion is all about. Not intentionally but lamb fur and mink fur are limited edition clothing that has a sustainable practice in mind. Vintage clothing like fur is much better for the ocean and requires a remarketing of sustainable products.

ZARA knitwear 2022

Rethink Upcycling Vintage Fur

The shift between new fur and vintage fur must be addressed. Business models regarding vintage fur have to have sustainable clothing objectives in mind. new fur is a new product that must be banned. There is so much unwanted fur around. It’s time out of respect to the animal to upcycle it.

We must use less waste in fashion and get rid of headstock fabrics. Vintage fur fashion at the moment is a deadstock. And that is not using the right resources to create a new market to buy it.

ZARA knitwear

Grading Fur

How about collecting fur and grading it. Italian fur is the most sought after. many Italians now are agreeing no more sales for new fur. It’s an unwanted commodity. Gen Z wants no part of it.

Fur has been used in homes with a cozy throw or blanket over your sofa coordinated with some fur pillows.

Upcycling is a good fit for the new circular economy, providing the antidote to fast fashion and fake fur. Real vintage fur is giving consumers a chance to buy legacy fur pieces. We are being told on a huge mass front of climate change, plastic pollution and the negative effects of today’s fashion industry.

Creative Upcycled Fur Ideas for Sustainable Fashion fur MOU boots

Vintage Fur For Sustainble Fashion

Fur is about looking for new sustainable ideas for their wardrobes as well as for their home décor. Upcycled fur that has been restyled for today’s look is about both affordability as well as responsible fashion.

It gives young millennials a chance to choose to buy a luxury item that might have been otherwise prohibitive to buy new.  The message is clear, Fur is a natural and biodegradable material.

Resuing fur is all about creating a one-off piece. And one-of-a-kind garment that is given a totally original design.  Women are larger so these items vintage fur coats are not suiting our current lifestyle.

Women find it vulgar to wear full-on fur coats. Women don’t want to be seen wearing head to toe fur.

So by doing a collaboration with fur scrap fabrics. Teaming with other textiles. one can create coats that have snippets of fur. And create a trend  By banning fur altogether is terrible for those who choose to wear it for warmth reasons. It’s unfair to fur lovers and it’s unfair to vintage fur. The animal endures death and for us not to be given a choice a non-guilty choice in wearing vintage fur is unfair for both humans and the animal itself.

Chalet Gracie Opulanza Apres Ski

Chalet Gracie Opulanza Apres Ski

Don’t Throw Your Fur Out?

Rather than throwing on a black puffer jacket and leggings and hoping for the best, why not energise your wardrobe? Experiment, spend time putting outfits together and make the most of colour, pattern and texture. “I call it ‘conscious dressing’, where you think about the outcome you want from your appearance and what you want others to see,” says behavioural psychologist Dr Carolyn Mair, author of The Psychology of Fashion.

 “It’s a bit of an effort, but it does make us feel happy.”

PreLoved Fur
Gracie Opulanza Superdry
If we are to ski in twenty years. We need to be rethinking pre-loved fur.
Mixing traditional textures and fabrics is a sure-fire way to create a winning, jazzy ensemble. Start with a pair of beautiful, velvety corduroy trousers, add a snazzy Fair Isle knit and layer on a gorgeous tweed jacket. Choose a rich colour palette for extra wintry warmth.
“We do associate wearing colour with positivity and on dark days, especially with Covid, we want something to pick us up,” says Mair.
“Dress in a positive way and people will reciprocate: it’s a positive upward spiral.”
I am wearing Vintage fur.
Creative Upcycled Fur Ideas for Sustainable Fashion fur