Living the high life and adoring every bit of its opulence, you’d think the last thing on my agenda would be wrangling with Airbnb guests. Yet, here we are, sipping on a cup of Earl Grey, swapping tales of guest-induced woes with a dollop of humor and a sprinkle of defiance. Welcome to my world, where luxury meets the occasional uncouth visitor at my divine condo’s doorstep.

Imagine this: your home is an endless carousel of guests, each bringing their own quirks and, unfortunately, a baggage of bad manners. From the audacity to flout swimming pool decorum to the brazen confrontations over unfounded accusations, it’s a smorgasbord of challenges that could sour even the sweetest disposition. But do we cower? Never! Let me guide you through the art of dealing with ill-mannered Airbnb guests without losing your charm or your sanity.

First, let’s talk poolside etiquette—or the lack thereof. Picture me, in my fabulous designer swimsuit, witnessing the chaos unfold as guests treat the pool more like a pirate’s cove than the serene oasis it is meant to be. My approach? A blend of grace and firmness. I engage in friendly, yet pointed conversation, reminding them of the shared nature of our space and the importance of respect. It’s astonishing how a touch of empathy and a dash of authority can turn the tide.


Now, onto the more thorny issue of complaints. Oh, the drama that ensues when a manager seems more phantom than figurehead in these situations! When owners are misinformed and sides are unjustly chosen, the plot thickens. My strategy involves a cocktail of diplomacy and documentation. Keep records, dear reader, of every grievance and resolution attempt. This evidence becomes your sword and shield in the battle for justice and harmony.

But what about when the accusations fly towards you, the host, with claims of unbecoming behavior? It’s a bitter pill to swallow, especially when your only crime is expecting common decency. Here, the key is to stay above the fray. Respond with poise, armed with facts and a clear conscience. Let your integrity shine brighter than the falsehoods aimed at tarnishing it.

Ah, and the pièce de résistance: dealing with the collective might of homeowners more interested in their Airbnb revenue than maintaining decorum. It’s a delicate dance, I admit. My approach? Cultivate allies among those who share your values and vision for the community. Together, you form a formidable force, advocating for balance between profit and propriety.

The encounters that truly test my resolve, however, are the face-to-face confrontations. Being told to abandon my sanctuary by those who momentarily pass through it? Unthinkable! Yet, it’s in these moments that my resolve hardens. I channel my inner warrior, not with swords and shields, but with the might of words and unwavering standards. Selling up is not an option; this is my realm, and I shall defend it with all the elegance and strength at my disposal.


Navigating these waters requires a blend of tact, resilience, and humor. Yes, humor! Laugh at the absurdity, find joy in the victories, no matter how small, and always, always remember why you chose this path. For me, it’s the love of sharing my slice of paradise, despite the occasional storm clouds brought by less-than-ideal guests.

In this opulent life, filled with challenges and charm, I’ve learned that dealing with bad manners is not just about confrontation; it’s about transformation. Transforming moments of discord into opportunities for growth, understanding, and, hopefully, a touch of mutual respect. It’s about standing firm in your values while navigating the delicate dynamics of hospitality.

So, to my fellow hosts facing the tidal waves of guest-induced trials, remember this: your sanctuary is your masterpiece, a testament to your taste and hard work. Protect it, cherish it, and when necessary, fight for it with all the grace and grit you possess. And through it all, keep your head high, your spirits higher, and your sense of humor ever-ready.

As for me? I’ll continue to glide through these challenges with the elegance of a Dolce & Gabbana gown, turning each obstacle into a stepping stone towards greater understanding and, dare I say, a more harmonious coexistence. Because in the end, it’s not just about surviving; it’s about thriving, with your passion for luxury and your love for your home shining ever so brightly.

And so, armed with a blend of resilience, diplomacy, and a dash of audacity, we march on. Because, dear reader, in the grand tapestry of life, these moments of discord are but minor threads in the vibrant mosaic of our experiences. They teach us, test us, and ultimately, they shape us into more formidable, gracious hosts. With each guest, each challenge, we learn a little more about patience, a bit more about grace, and a whole lot about

Navigating the complex dynamics of condo living, especially when Airbnb rentals are involved, can indeed test the limits of one’s patience and resilience. Encountering verbal abuse from other condo owners, regardless of the reason, is not only unfair but also unacceptable. As a fellow lover of peace, luxury, and dignity within one’s own home, let me share some heartfelt advice on this matter.

Remember That You Have Every Right To Live In Your Home

First and foremost, remember that you have every right to live in your home without facing abuse or harassment from anyone, including fellow condo owners. The fact that this abuse is related to Airbnb issues does not in any way justify their behavior. The question of whether you should sell your home and move elsewhere is deeply personal and depends on various factors, including your emotional attachment to your home, your investment in the property, and the feasibility of finding resolutions to these conflicts.

Before making any drastic decisions, consider the following steps to address the situation:

  1. Document the Abuse: Keep a detailed record of incidents, including dates, times, what was said, and any witnesses. This documentation can be crucial if you need to take further action.
  2. Engage with the Condo Board or Management: Present your case to the condo board or management, showing the impact of the verbal abuse on your quality of life. They may have mechanisms in place for mediating disputes between owners.
  3. Seek Legal Advice: Understanding your legal rights in this situation can empower you to take appropriate action. A lawyer specializing in real estate or tenant laws can offer guidance on how to proceed, which may include sending a formal cease and desist letter to the offending parties.
  4. Community Mediation: Sometimes, a neutral third party can help mediate conflicts and find a resolution that respects the rights and needs of all involved. Look into local mediation services that specialize in community disputes.
  5. Personal Well-being: Amidst these challenges, prioritize your mental and emotional well-being. Whether it’s through supportive friends, family, or professional counseling, ensure you have a support system in place.
  6. Consider Selling as a Last Resort: If after exploring all avenues, the situation remains untenable, selling may indeed be a path to consider. However, make this decision based on a comprehensive evaluation of your circumstances, future plans, and the market conditions, rather than as a knee-jerk reaction to the current conflict.

Remember, choosing to fight for your peace or deciding to sell and find a new sanctuary are both valid choices. What matters most is that you choose a path that aligns with your well-being, happiness, and sense of security.

You deserve a home that serves as a haven of tranquility and joy, not a battleground. Trust in your strength, seek support when needed, and whatever your decision, may it lead you to a place of peace and contentment.