Whilst reviewing hotels I always notice wallpaper art trends. Just like art it all comes down to personal taste. Whether it be floral, shades of green or tropical wellness entering your home. The iconic wallpaper trend is back in full swing.

Why Décor In Wallpaper?

The trend is back due to renewed interest due to the Netflix series called The Crown. British royalty is all about opulence and encapsulates United Kingdom culture. Tanks to hotels wallpaper inspiration is used in hallways, bathroom kitchens and always bedrooms.

The first image is me at Cotswold House Hotel & Spa in Chipping Campden. I love using wallpaper as a backdrop for social media. This dress how you decorate themed wallpaper is in the drawing room of the hotel. During the pandemic brands like Dior and Dolce & Gabbana went into competing market of interior design. By using their archives of fashion fabrics. It was easy to create pretty block – printed chic wallpaper.

Dolce Gabbana Orsoni Venice kitchen tiles 2021 interior design made in italy (3) kitch

Gracie Opulanza wallpaper Cotswolds Hotel Spa Chipping Cameden Bespoke Dress (9)

Fabric Dress Into Paper

I took this image as part of marketing my vintage green dress made in Italy. This silk fabric weighs almost three kilos. And when driving luxury cars such as Ferrari Roma it was part of new memories that I would turn into wallpaper art.

London Sock Company

I took this image as part of marketing my vintage green dress made in Italy.

This is a wallpaper collaboration with Gabby Deeming fashion called Day dress. So if you have a favourite dress print it can end up on your wall. What a rare and unique wallpaper message for your wardrobe or bedroom.


I often go visit Castles and manors around the UK. Then dream of my wardrobe to bedroom or hallway wallpaper print. Take the time, do tik tok videos so you can create you very own digital mood board.

Made In Italy bespoke clogs and bags Tuscany

The above is a wardrobe wallpaper print in Venice at a palazzo hotel. Combined with fabric wallpaper too. Many luxury shops like Dolce & Gabbana in Venice are stunning as they use fabric as wallpaper for an out of this world luxury shopping experience. You can replicate this in your walk in wardrobe. Match or even overtake Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City moments.

Palazzo Inspired Wallpaper

Venice hotels are leading the way for many years now regarding wallpaper trends. I have reviewed many hotels that were forma palazzos. One of my favourite is Hotel Heureka which the interior design room has a themed wallpaper message. I love this selfie shot as it makes me look Italian regal and just matches my vintage shirt also from Venice.

Unlock Your Creativity Within Your Walls

Wallpaper A 3D Effect

If you are seeking a striking look 3D effect wallpaper is a must have. When you wallpaper over paint you get more depth. Capturing a form of texture. If you are seeking a Villa rustic effect then this is a great way to get that energy. Children’s rooms are perfect for this playful atmosphere.


Bathroom Wallpaper Designs

It is not about staying on trend this is about self pampering especially if you have turned fifty. The last two years the DIY boom and TV drama’s have captured our imaginations. Noticing that wallpaper can dominate a huge part of any room or corridor. It is all about creating a story within your room. I find bathrooms are not taken seriously enough due to lack of wellness creativity.  Small scale wallpaper is in high demand for country homes. In a bathroom you don’t need too much paper to decorate a room.

A Colefax & Fowler was popular in the 1980’s This comforting and cosseting ambience is lovely within a bathroom.

venice gold purple bathroon

Switch tiles for wallpaper the next time you are wanting a more floral or tropical wellness vibe.

Border Wallpaper

Wallpaper is not expensive and a trend that people are adopting is wallpaper borders. This was used in the 18th century to hide nails that was used to fix wallpaper onto walls. Paste was not yet invented. In the 1980s the  then famous clothing brand called Laura Ashley used borders mainly floral  was used running just down the cornices.

wallpaper border

Take your time in choosing your wallpaper, my very first Victorian home way back in 1998, I used gold wallpaper in my bedroom for a romantic Feng shui.