Embarking on a journey through menopause is akin to navigating a ship through the tumultuous seas of middle age, armed only with a sense of humor and a penchant for the opulent. Let me take you on a tour of my latest adventure to Koh Samui, Thailand, a destination that whispered promises of wellness and pampering, which I, in my quest for solace from the tempest of menopause symptoms, eagerly accepted.

To all my fellow navigators of the menopausal journey, I say this: pamper yourselves. Not as an indulgence but as a necessity.

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Why Travel Alone

It’s a journey you embark on solo, leaving behind the cacophony of daily life, the endless demands of family, and the ever-present to-do list that includes everyone but yourself. This isn’t about selfishness; it’s about self-preservation. And in the rare case you decide to bring someone along, let it be a companion who brings peace, not pandemonium, into your serene bubble.

Here’s the decree for your solo voyage: You are the captain of this ship, the master of your healing journey.

The path to wellness is paved with decisions that put your needs, your health, and your peace of mind at the forefront. Embrace the liberating realization that you are your own best healer, armed with intuition and the innate knowledge of what your body and soul crave.

Go With Massage Flow

And what does this sanctuary offer, you ask? Daily massages, for starters. Not just any massages, but ones steeped in the healing traditions of turmeric, known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Imagine the warm, golden embrace of a turmeric massage, unraveling the knots of stress and discomfort, brightening your skin, and soothing your soul.

But why stop there? Delve deeper into the realm of indulgence with coconut baths and body scrubs, each experience a tribute to nature’s bounty. These coconut-infused therapies are not mere treatments but ceremonies, celebrating the essence of rejuvenation and the art of self-care. The coconut, with its rich milk and fragrant oil, nourishes your skin, leaving it silky smooth and radiantly healthy.

For the adventurers wrestling with the specter of stiffness, especially around the shoulders—a common foe in the battleground of stress and aging—a Tiger Balm massage awaits. This isn’t just a massage; it’s a ritual of relief. The balm, with its potent blend of herbal ingredients, warms and penetrates deep into the muscle tissue, easing stiffness, reducing pain, and restoring mobility. It’s as if each stroke of the masseuse’s hands is guided by the wisdom of ancient healers, offering a respite from the physical manifestations of stress and strain.

This is your time, a sacred interlude from the whirlwind of life, dedicated solely to your wellness and well-being. In this sanctuary, you are reminded that taking care of yourself isn’t a luxury but a necessity. The journey of self-care is a voyage back to your center, a return to the essence of who you are, unburdened by the roles and responsibilities that define your daily existence.

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Menopause Challenges

My days of late have been peppered with the kind of experiences one might equate to living in the body of someone decades my senior. Imagine, if you will, a shoulder so frozen you’d think it belonged in the Arctic, inflammation and stiffness that make yoga look like an extreme sport, and mood swings so violent they could give the stock market a run for its money. Add to this concoction the inability to shed a single pound, sleepless nights amplified by the cacophony of screaming children, the fury of swimming pool rage, and the utter despair of being served a cup of coffee so weak, it could barely stand up in the cup.

Why, then, did I choose Koh Samui as my sanctuary? Why not, I say!

Nestled in the tranquil embrace of Maenam‘s quiet beach, where the only sounds are the gentle whispers of the waves, I found my haven. The Four Seasons Koh Samui, currently playing host to the filming of “The White Lotus” Season Three for HBO Max, became my opulent retreat. Here, amidst the lush greenery and the azure sea, I discovered a world where wellness isn’t just a concept but a way of life.

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Koh Samui’s charm lies not just in its scenery but in its soul. The island serves up a feast for the senses and the spirit, with fresh fish that dances on the palate, lemongrass and coconut that nourish the body with magnesium, and turmeric therapy that soothes the weary soul. Evenings were spent floating in my private pool, gazing up at a tapestry of stars, a reminder of the vastness of the universe and the triviality of my woes.

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The Food

But it’s not just the physical pampering that sets Koh Samui apart. It’s the mental rejuvenation. The island’s ethos of wellness permeates every experience, from the food that fuels the body to the massages that unknot the tangled threads of stress and strain. In Koh Samui, wellness isn’t just an activity; it’s an immersion into a lifestyle where the mind, body, and spirit are nurtured in equal measure.

As someone who’s always had a flare for the finer things in life, I couldn’t resist the allure of the opulent lifestyle Koh Samui offered. The island is a canvas, painting a picture of serenity and indulgence that’s hard to find elsewhere. Every moment spent here is a step away from the chaos of menopause and a step toward regaining balance and harmony.

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A Homecoming To Yourself

So, as you contemplate this retreat, remember: leaving the family and the kids behind isn’t an act of neglect; it’s an act of love. A well-rested, rejuvenated, and happy you is the greatest gift you can offer to those you love. This wellness retreat isn’t just a holiday; it’s a homecoming to yourself, a celebration of your health, and a testament to the importance of putting yourself first.

In this moment of solitude and serenity, let the healing begin. Let each day be a step towards rejuvenation, each massage a milestone in your journey of self-discovery, and each quiet moment a chance to listen to the whispers of your heart. This is your time to shine, to heal, and to emerge from this retreat not just as you were, but as the best version of yourself.

Welcome to your wellness retreat, where the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step—towards yourself.

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The magic of Koh Samui, however, lies not just in the luxury or the landscapes but in the laughter. Yes, amidst the trials and tribulations of menopause, I found laughter. The kind that bubbles up from deep within, sparked by the absurdity of battling a floating pool mattress or the delight of discovering a coffee that finally stands tall and proud. It’s in these moments of joy that the true healing begins.

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Pamper Yourself

To all my fellow navigators of the menopausal journey, I say this: pamper yourselves. Not as an indulgence but as a necessity. In the grand tapestry of life, these moments of self-care are the threads that hold us together, weaving a picture of health and happiness. Koh Samui taught me that wellness is not just about soothing the symptoms but about embracing the journey with grace, laughter, and a touch of opulence. I love fresh water pearls, so choose a natural stone that will keep you feeling happy.


So, as I bid farewell to the island, I carry with me not just memories of sun-kissed days and starlit nights but a renewed sense of self. Koh Samui, with its blend of natural beauty, wellness practices, and luxurious living, has been more than just a holiday destination; it has been a sanctuary, a place where the menopausal tempest calmed to a gentle breeze. And to that, I raise my perfectly strong cup of coffee in gratitude. Cheers to wellness, to laughter, and to living life in full bloom, even as we navigate the ever-changing seasons of our lives.