Ah, summer! That glorious season when the sun bathes us in its warm embrace, and the great outdoors beckons. It’s a time for adventure, relaxation, and, of course, showing off those meticulously curated outfits. As a self-proclaimed aficionado of all things opulent and a staunch advocate for merging comfort with style, I’ve embarked on a quest to find the perfect sneakers that cater to my love for luxurious walks under the summer sun. In this personal blog post, I’ll share my passion, experiences, and the gems I’ve discovered along the way—sneakers that dazzle without compromising on comfort.

jordan purple trainer Venice 2021


Now, let me take you on a journey through the cobblestone streets of Italy and the vibrant paths of South East Asia, all while donning sneakers that are as stylish as they are comfortable. Yes, I’ve trekked hundreds of kilometers in these beauties, from the romantic canals of Venice to the bustling fashion districts of Milan. My trusted companions?

A pair of chic Reeboks that have stood the test of time and terrain.

Unlike the all-too-common industry gimmick where women are sold men’s shoes at inflated prices under the guise of female marketing (I’m looking at you, Nike), my collection is genuine, tried, and tested.

Puma gracie opulanza 2020 venice italy 2020 limited eidtion (2)

But it’s not all about making bold statements. Sometimes, the elegance lies in simplicity, and this is where my white Reeboks with frills come into play. They’re my go-to for those stylish yet laid-back summer walks. Picture this: a serene stroll through Italy’s ancient streets, where every corner boasts centuries of history, and you, amidst it all, feeling as if you’re floating on clouds, thanks to the unparalleled comfort these sneakers provide.

PUMA trainers Venice Gracie Opulanza travel 2020

In this sartorial journey, I’ve laughed in the face of the naysayers who claim that one cannot enjoy the opulence of high fashion while embracing the practicality of comfortable footwear. To them, I say, witness the treasures I’ve unearthed—sneakers that encapsulate the essence of summer walks, where every step is a blend of comfort and style.

As the sun sets on another glorious summer day, I reflect on the adventures these sneakers have taken me on. From the ancient, echoing streets of Italy to the lush, vibrant landscapes of South East Asia, they’ve been my faithful companions through it all. They’ve proven that style and comfort can coexist, that one does not have to choose between looking good and feeling good. In these sneakers, I’ve found my summer soulmates, pieces that resonate with my love for all things luxurious and my unwavering belief that true style knows no bounds.



Let’s start with a revelation that rocked my world—the Jordan trainers. Who would have thought that men’s trainers could be reimagined for women, offering both comfort and a style statement? Wearing them feels like a quiet rebellion against the conventional, a sartorial middle finger to the expected. And then, there are the Versace gold Medusa fashion trainers. When I say these are bright, I mean they could probably be spotted from space. Their lustrous gleam not only puts Nike’s attempts to shame but also adds that perfect pop to any summer outfit.

And let’s not forget about those days when the Italian cobblestones call for something a bit more robust. Here, Nike running shoes (minus the running, of course) come to the rescue. Their design and build cater perfectly to the unpredictable terrain, ensuring that every step is taken with ease, all while maintaining that chic edge essential for any fashion-forward individual.

Nike Trainers Generation z Italy (2)

Nike Trainers Generation z Italy (2)


So, to my fellow aficionados of luxury and comfort, I extend an invitation to explore the world of stylish and comfortable sneakers. Let them take you on your summer adventures, through ancient streets and modern marvels, always ensuring that every step is taken in style. After all, life is too short to wear boring shoes, and summer is too precious to spend it in anything less than fabulous footwear.

Nike heels 2022


The image above was taken by me. The iconic shoe brands are still so strong. From Nike, and Converse to Dr Martens. Shoes that are loved by all generations. At Foret Dei Marmi when on the bike no matter what age one is. The Nike shoe kicks on.

Forte Dei Marmi bike style


 Nike Trends

Ladies we were wearing men’s Nike shoes for decades sold as women’s sneakers.

London Sock Company

I am sure women bought these man made LV Nike shoes!

Nike Trainers Generation z Italy (2)


High Heel Trainers

Now, for the pièce de résistance of my sneaker collection—the high heel trainers. Yes, you read that right. These aren’t just any sneakers; they’re a statement, a testament to the fact that one does not have to sacrifice style for comfort. Perfect for those moments when you transition from a leisurely walk to an elegant soirée or when you’re simply stepping into your Bentley. They epitomize the essence of luxury, blending the casual with the sophisticated in a way that only true fashion connoisseurs can appreciate.

I wore them whilst driving a Bentley Bentayga.

Bentley Bentayga SUV V8 Continental weekender calf leather bag sapphire Gracie Opulanza 2019 (1)



Oh, darling, let’s dive into a tale that sparkles with opulence, a narrative so drenched in luxury it could only belong to those of us who navigate life with an unapologetic flair for the dramatic and the decadent. Imagine, if you will, the embodiment of luxury not just in apparel but in lifestyle—the fusion of Versace trainers, dripping in pure gold, with the iconic gold Medusa head, paired with the exhilarating experience of driving an Audi R8. This isn’t just fashion; it’s a statement, a testament to a lifestyle where every detail whispers (or rather, shouts) opulence.

The moment you slip on those Versace trainers, you’re not merely dressing your feet; you’re adorning them in a masterpiece that bridges the gap between the world of haute couture and streetwear with an ease that’s almost sinful. The gold shimmers with every step, catching the light and the envy of onlookers in equal measure. But it’s the Medusa head that seals the deal—a symbol of power, beauty, and a touch of danger, much like the woman who dares to wear them.

Metallic Vesarce trainers and Zara Jacket (2)

Now, picture this: You’re behind the wheel of an  Audi R8 , the engine purring like a beast tamed, ready to unleash its power at your command. The interior envelops you in a cocoon of luxury, the leather seats a perfect complement to your golden footwear. As you push the accelerator, the world blurs, and you’re propelled forward, not just in space but in status. The Audi R8 isn’t just a car; it’s a chariot, and with your Versace-clad feet at the helm, you’re nothing short of modern royalty.

Driving through the city, the combination of gold Versace trainers and the sleek, powerful lines of the Audi R8 creates a spectacle that can’t be ignored. Heads turn, smartphones raise in a flurry to capture the moment, and whispers follow in your wake. You’re not just making an entrance; you’re redefining what it means to arrive.

Gold Versace trainers

This, my dear readers, is the essence of show-stopping style. It’s not merely about the brands or the luxury items themselves but the boldness with which they’re worn. It’s a celebration of self-expression, a nod to those who understand that fashion is not just what you wear but how you live your life. In my gold Versace trainers, behind the wheel of an Audi R8, I’m not just moving through the world; I’m making a statement with every mile—a statement of strength, of beauty, and an unrelenting pursuit of the extraordinary.

Benheart Italy

Imagine, if you will, a pair of trainers that are not just footwear but a passport to the world—a fusion of Italian craftsmanship and an intrepid spirit of adventure. These are the Benheart Italy red cross-stitched trainers, a marvel of design that marries luxury with rugged charm, capable of turning heads whether you’re stepping out of a sleek Aston Martin, maneuvering the curves with a Ferrari, or making an entrance in a Bentley. Yet, their allure doesn’t end at the driver’s seat. These trainers are my companions on the ancient cobblestone streets of Florence, and my steadfast allies as I traverse the scenic paths of Hoi An in Vietnam and the bustling markets of Thailand. They’re not just shoes; they’re a piece of my journey, stamped with memories from across the globe.

The moment I first slid my feet into these Benheart trainers, I knew they were special. The rich leather hugged my feet with a comfort that seemed to whisper, “Ready for an adventure?” And oh, the adventures we’ve had! From the storied streets of Florence, where each stone tells a tale of art, power, and passion, to the serene beauty of Hoi An, where time seems to stand still amidst the lantern-lit nights, these trainers have been my loyal companions.

Benheart Italy leather jacket and shoes Benheart red leather trainers

But it’s not just about the places they’ve taken me; it’s the style they exude—effortlessly chic, with that distinctive red cross stitch adding a pop of color that draws the eye and starts conversations. They’ve been my statement piece, seamlessly blending with the sleek lines of an Aston Martin, the aggressive beauty of a Ferrari, and the understated elegance of a Bentley. In these trainers, I’ve walked with confidence, driven with passion, and lived with a zest that only comes from knowing you’re perfectly attired for any occasion.

Their durability is nothing short of miraculous. Whether navigating the uneven cobblestones of Florence, which test the mettle of any footwear, or treading the varied terrains of Vietnam and Thailand, these Benheart trainers have proven themselves time and again. They embody a rare blend of style and substance, a testament to the craftsmanship that birthed them, allowing me to walk miles in sheer comfort without sacrificing an iota of style.

In these trainers, I’ve felt the essence of Italy’s rich heritage with every step, carried a piece of Florence’s soul on every adventure, and brought a touch of Italian elegance to the corners of the world. They are more than just shoes; they are a narrative woven from the journeys we’ve embarked on together, a narrative of discovery, elegance, and the enduring power of quality craftsmanship.

Bentley GT Continental Gracie Opulanza Embroidery Denim Kingfly (12)

To those who seek more from their footwear than mere utility, who yearn for shoes that walk the fine line between luxury and adventure, I offer this tale of my Benheart Italy red cross-stitched trainers. They are a reminder that some items are crafted not just to wear but to experience, to imbue every step with a sense of journey and every journey with a sense of style. So, here’s to the roads we’ve walked, the drives we’ve enjoyed, and the adventures that lie ahead, all with the confidence and comfort of Italy’s finest at our feet.

So, to those who dare to dream in gold and live with the throttle wide open, remember this: style is more than clothes or cars; it’s the courage to live life on your own terms, to turn every day into a runway, and every journey into a story worth telling. And in this story, we’re not just walking; we’re racing towards a horizon where the only limit is our imagination


Opt for green, Michael Jordan Nike, but whatever you do a designer over the shoulder bag with a mini dress is this summer must-have.