It’s a Saturday night and the youth are out in the acceptable form. The Tik Tok girls and their Nike trainers are the shoes to be seen here in Tuscany. Whether one is a Tik Tok influencer or running an Instagram Reel. The comfortable, summer trainer is a white Nike. That tick is the most powerful fashion symbol of a shoe brand that unless you live on the moon everyone understands.

Nike heels 2022

Nike Trainers Generation z Italy (2)

The image above was taken by me. The iconic shoe brands are still so strong. From Nike, and Converse to Dr Martens. Shoes that are loved by all generations. At Foret Dei Marmi when on the bike no matter what age one is. The Nike shoe kicks on.

Forte Dei Marmi bike style

Whether it is a red tick or black. The white trainer has come back with an utmost must-buy.

Beach Nike Trends

One can never go wrong combining a 1990’s ankle sock look with wearing a London Sock Company sports addition. Overlooking an infinity pool no matter where one resides. Lifestyle trends trainer are very popular when travelling and are comfortable foe sight seeing whilst culturally educating oneself.

London Sock Company

Why Is Nike So Influential?

When anyone is youthful and going to school. The IT shoe sets you in trend with one’s peers. If you want to be cool, and part of the group. Then these robust trainers such as Nike must be bought. I can’t fathom how much they cost.

I am a trendsetter so I am not a Kardashian follower. I dress by gut instinct and wear what I feel suits me. Always have for fifty years. I don’t even own a pair of Nike, because they are so common. I like trainers but they have to be very different. I do own a chic pair and many ask me where I got my Puma’s from?

PUMA trainers Venice Gracie Opulanza travel 2020

I walked Venice for three months in these. I also own a high heel trainer s by Hogan, which was bought new in an outlet. I wore them whilst driving a Bentley Bentayga.

Bentley Bentayga SUV V8 Continental weekender calf leather bag sapphire Gracie Opulanza 2019 (1)

As a Digital Nomad wearing trainers all depends on the city I am living in.

Puma gracie opulanza 2020 venice italy 2020 limited eidtion (2)

Climbing towers in Venice I made sure I looked my style whilst doing so.

Nike Socks

It also must be a golden rule to match your white Nike with white Nike socks. it’s all about that Nike tick of approval.

Nike Trainers Generation z Italy (2)

The key is to team it with tight-fitting dresses. With a tiny shoulder bag for your Iphone.

Nike Trainers Generation z Italy (2)

It is a super edgy and effortless casual style for young teenagers these days. Not overdressing at all on a Saturday night. No one at this precious age wants to stand out too much. Nike shoes are all about blending in with your peers.  At this age, it’s rare to find most students wearing trainers that are not the trend.

Why Buy Vintage

Balcienga has just created 100 pairs of dirty trainers. Why would they do that? It is a tik tok trend to wear dirty trainers. A great platform for second-hand trainers is called Vestiare. So if you are wanting an unusual vintage pair of comfortable shoes. Then I would start here. Trainers now are high fashion and during the lockdown, everyone especially young girls and women want to be wearing super comfortable shoes that are not back-breaking when touring the streets of Italy.

I love my gold Versace as they look so blingy and appealing and very walkable.

Metallic Vesarce trainers and Zara Jacket (2)

Great for driving the Audi R8 too.

Sp whatever your pleasure, whatever your leisure share your bike style today.

jordan purple trainer Venice 2021

Opt for green, Michael Jordan Nike, but whatever you do a designer over the shoulder bag with a mini dress is this summer must-have.