Jamie's Italian - Gatwick Airport

I am always flying in and out of Gatwick and to get some decent fast food at an airport was up until now not so easy. My obsession with Jamie’s sausage rolls is noticed within the interview. Having Italian parents they are bemused as why it took a British man,  to educate everyone about Italian fabulous food.  Auguri Jamie.

Jamie’s Italian Gatwick has been specially designed with a welcoming, family atmosphere, traditional décor and a menu that’s driven by what you’d find ordinary people eating in Italy. They cook rustic, simple dishes, with the best-quality, seasonal ingredients, all made with care but delivered without lots of fuss. Our aim is to create a place where you’ll feel right at home, tucking into great food. We make fresh pasta and bread every day and serve up the most beautiful antipasti and classic Italian dishes. There’s something for you to enjoy whatever the time of day, whether you’re looking for a relaxed three-course meal or a speedy bite to eat.

Quick and delicious food

Don’t panic the service is second to none, the speed and service is as quick as speedy boarding. The staff and their moral is a credit to the man himself. To find out more check out what his staff have to say about him and much more. Thank you to all the staff, who made me feel so welcome.