Did you know that Audrey Hepburn trended ballet flats for most of her life? Why did she do that? Why are women seeking tiny ballet flats for the next year?

Audrey adored the ballet flat made by Salvatore Ferragamo. I saw her exact ballet flats in the Florence museum when this Italian brand has on display many archives of their leather Made In Italy shoes. She always teamed them with her Capri trousers to balance a less masculine look.

Audrey Hepburn casual style

But as you can see ballet flats team with many styles of outfits.

How To Choose Your Ballet Flats?

They are fabulous shoes for your ready-to-wear wardrobe. Easy to slip on and off. The key is to make sure flats are snug around your feet and toes. Leather is the most comfortable choice as it can mould into the shape of your feet. Make sure they feel comfortable around your toes. If they are cut too low I find they blister too much.

Those returning to the office need a shoe that mold to the foot like a glove.

Embellished Flats

I am a huge lover of embellished flats. The ones below are always bought in Asia. I find they make the most affordable unique flats.

Bentley G T Mayfair

Driving a Bently GT was perfect when wearing flats.

Bentley GT

What Brand Of Flats  To Buy?

It all comes down to budget. So Manolo Blahnik Hangisi lace buckle ballerina flats are adorable at the price of over one thousand euros. For a more budget pair opt for velvet, Margaux The Demi ballet flat.

If you planning to be comfortable at a wedding.  or opting for office wear. It really comes down to your lifestyle.

Jimmy Choo is another shoe brand that creates ballet flats. These flats are timeless so if the trend isn’t your speed? Then focus on ballet flats for your current wardrobe.

Foldable Travel Ballets Shoes

I am a digital nomad and travel so much. Foldable ballet flats are so clever. I can wear them on the plane, easy to slip on and off when I have to head to the bathroom. These dusty blue foldable pumps are just super chic. They team with anything.

foldable ballet flats

They always look brilliant because of the foldable design. Hard to find I only see them in Asia. I like to wear ballet flats with a velvet bow too. Bows are super chic for the next coming season.

Make sure you find ballet flats with a soft elastic edge around your upper foot. The softer, the better.

Aged Fifty

I am older and I find that ballet flats are fabulous for walking the streets of any high street. High heels are always hard on my back. If you can get inner soles into the shoes, that helps with jarring.