Siam Center   STATES TREND SETTERS HEAVEN. It’s about  individual designers show casing their creative unique, clothing and accessories. The collections are one off pieces and there are some awesome finds. I’ve bought some items that I know no one else will have.  I respect the layout and presentation of the shops. They are enticing, quirky and it’s a great experience of what fashion is all about. You also see the trend setters of Bangkok here lurking around.

MOB-F – What is it?

This shop features 42 brands from Thai designers.  They feature clothing, accessories, bags and shoes from Thai A-list designers; offering style with affordable figures on price tags.

Support Up And Coming Designers

Mob-F is practically a fashion venue at the center of the city for all Stylists and Fashionistas who know what they want and wear what they love, collecting designs that stray from the trend. The quality of the fabrics and style design is brilliant.

The clothes they have are really cool and versatile. MOB-F is a platform for new talents kicking off their career, all standing for one single belief – “fashion”. “Mob Fashion” stands for collective individuals who are solid on being a Fashionista, bringing their ideas from the typically boring trend of  fashion.


The skirt I bought, tulle, bling and jean material, very street edgy.






The shorts I had to buy, how wicked is this design?



Cool label, cool t-shirt’s and funky designs.





Sleek, leather original shoes. wicked with a pair of chinos




The entrance to MOB-F, states fashion, design and style