The huge fashion labels such as Prada ,Chanel and Louis Vuitton are successful for one reason alone. They know how to create timeless collections that sell every season. Do you ever reflect on the fact that these massive influential brands, all had a humble beginning and were once upon a time, labelled as; THE DESIGNERS TO WATCH OUT FOR.

Whilst at London Fashion weekend this 2012, I came across the talented Designer from Lithuania called Daiva Urbonaviciute. What is it about Daiva’s Urbanaviciute collection that will want us coming back for more and more?

Every single of Daiva’s designs is a piece of art. Each item is hand crafted, making these designs even more special. On average a garment takes about 6 days to create. Her unique style which reflects the beauty of Baroque or even Renaissance can be seen throughout this collection.

The crafted details, techno prints, mixed materials combined with edgy streetwear style is very refreshing and unique on our high streets right now. The quality materials used such as silk, fur and leather  feels and looks very expensive. By using these materials it adds to her incredible and unique creativity and versatility to the collection.

Daiva design approach to each garment is about fashion practicality and being comfortable in what you are wearing.  Her choice of  mixed materials such as black and printed cotton using vintage lace and silk is why these one-off design pieces work so well. This collection is very urban chic and represents what fashion individuality is about.

It comes to know surprise that one of Daiva biggest achievements was creating and designing costumes for a fashion play ‘OrlaMdO’ (Director G.Ivanauskas, 2010) as a Senior Designer and Art Director.

Daiva Urbanaviciute customer advice sums her collection well:  “We all are very special, different and therefore interesting. Don’t be afraid to be true to yourself.”

Website: Kristina Goes West – Daiva Urbanaviciute

Daiva Urbanaviciute 2012 summer collection

Daiva Urbanaviciute_ivaizdine. 2012 summer collection

Asymmetric cotton dress

Daiva Urbanaviciute_ivaizdine. 2012 summer collection

Pony Skin Jacket

Daiva Urbonaviciute 2012 summer collection

Mulit coloured print dress