Hoi An Vietnam offers so many wellness and self-pampering experiences. This town is a cafe culture of eating and drinking coffee but also holds hidden gems of Asian tea. Many tourists flock for fashion, showcasing their street style whilst sipping local tea.

Hoi An Vietnam - Afternoon Trends For Tea

It is also a time for the Vietnamese to trend their latest silk scarves, teamed with wearing their traditional nón lá (leaf hat) This perfect circular cone tapers smoothly from the base to the apex. Most locals wear it plain but I am fond of the colourful decorations that are often found inside the hat. A personalisation, identifying one’s hat. The women are always walking around with local flowers too.

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Tea Cup Trends

I am at a stage where I don’t need to buy more items as it ends up in storage. But on this occasion, local arts and crafts such as tea cups and teapots here are very unique. So if you are seeking a souvenir with purpose then invest in a unique tea set.

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A popular part of a cup and teapot in Vietnam is combining metal trimmings with the crockery, it looks so elegant.

Tea House Of Silence

A local tea house which creates crockery using craftmanship from locals with physical disabilities is an experience of silence. Some staff are deaf so pencil-to-paper communication is a gorgeous way to enter a time of pure wellness. It really humbled me to remind myself our the gift of hearing and speaking.

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No Social Media Allowed

I like the message of come in, be silent, sit and soak up the feng shui. Take in the people that are serving you. Make eye contact and just relax. Look at everything that is being served on your table as it is all locally made.

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Tea Trends

On this occasion, I opted for fresh orange juice and locally made cookies. One cookie was spicy with cinnamon. Reminded me of my time in Sri Lanka. My digital nomad life means I stay in places for a while, so I can soak up the food, fashion, culture and furniture trends. So taking the time for cafe culture here in Hoi An is a must for any tourists visiting this Japanese-inspired town.

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Tea Cups And Glasses

How many of you have a set of tea cups and a teapot? Creating your very own afternoon tea experiences with yourself or loved ones. It’s so powerful to be intuned with your soul and God’s messages. Crockery can be found anywhere in Vietnam so take the time to find one that speaks to you. Afternoon tea is all about reconnecting with yourself and your family.

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Create Your Afternoon Tea Zones

Invest in your favourite flowers and create a space for regular tea zones. Include your family as a time to connect with family issues. No mobile phones and get all involved to ask what they want to drink and eat on that day. Make sure your embrace locally made food and tea. This is all about healing indulgence and self pampering to take in the precious time with family.

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