Imagine this: you’re on a quest to dive deep into the heart of men’s fashion, armed only with passion, a dash of audacity, and an insatiable curiosity for what makes a male model tick. My name is Gracie Opulanza, and this was precisely where I found myself when I launched MenStyleFashion, November 2012.  Little did I know that my journey would lead me to cross paths with the epitome of male modelling himself, David Gandy. Decked out in a suit that screamed sophistication and approachability, David was the picture of modern British fashion, and I was about to get a masterclass in style and substance directly from the source.

David Gandy Gracie Opulanza for MenStyleFashion

Our rendezvous was nothing short of cinematic, set against the backdrop of London Collections: Men 2013. The air was thick with anticipation as I posed my burning question to David: Could the everyday man really strut the catwalk styles in his daily life? The fashion runway had been ablaze with trends for the past three days, leaving us pondering how these high-fashion statements could be translated into the wardrobe of the average Joe. David, with his signature charm, was ready to delve into this sartorial puzzle with me.

Before we could unravel the mysteries of fashion together, I couldn’t help but bring up my last ode to him, whimsically titled “David Gandy – The New James Bond of Fashion.”

To my delight, the piece was news to him, and his reaction was priceless. Stopping him dead in his tracks, even as he was almost stripped down to his essentials, I captured the moment in monochrome.

The twinkle in his eye was undeniable – he was intrigued, and I was emboldened by his response. David’s thoughts on James Bond, envisioning a character built from the ground up, akin to Batman’s genesis, left me pondering the depths of his perspective on iconic roles and their fashion influence.


Our conversation flowed like a perfect martini – shaken, not stirred. David wasn’t just a model; he was a visionary, encapsulating what it means to be at the forefront of British fashion with a nod and a wink that could only be described as “James Bond-esque.”

His insights into the 2013 MenStyleFashion trends were not just answers but reflections on the industry’s direction, the role of a male model, and the essence of style that transcends the runway.

What unfolded was not just an interview but a revelation. The path to becoming a male model, as David Gandy embodies, is paved with more than just good looks and designer threads. It’s about embodying an ethos, a charisma that speaks without words, and a style that is timeless yet evolving. As we parted ways, I couldn’t help but feel like I had just sketched the first stroke of my own fashion masterpiece, guided by the very best.

David Gandy - Maria Scard Photography

In the world of MenStyleFashion, David Gandy stands not just as a model but as a beacon for those aspiring to make their mark. His blend of sophistication, approachability, and a keen eye for what makes fashion genuinely wearable offers a blueprint for success in the modeling world. So, as I reflect on this unforgettable encounter, I’m reminded that in fashion, as in life, it’s not just about wearing the trend; it’s about wearing it with conviction, style, and a touch of the unexpected.

To all the aspiring male models out there, remember: the catwalk is everywhere, and every street is your runway. As David Gandy showed me, with a little panache, a wink, and a well-tailored suit, the world is yours to conquer – one cheeky smile at a time.