How To Get Paid For What You Already know

The self education industry is a $355 Million per day industry and is expected to TRIPLE in the next 5 years! And with the right strategy this could be your opportunity to:

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  • Help others go faster while you get paid
  • Fix a broken system
  • Make an impact on the world
  • Get paid for a skill, hobby, passion or expertise you already have (or get paid from someone else’s)

Those in the hospitality are looking to be more sustainable regarding plastic.

How Do You Convince Your Worth?

Look, if you’ve ever thought about (or even if you never thought about) getting paid for something you know (like a passion or a skill)… or even getting paid from what others know, then you have to attend.

This is one of the fastest-growing industries online and in all areas of the world.

And for the first time ever they’re doing a web class training on how to extract your wisdom (or somebody else’s) and get other people to pay you for it!

Make an income, make a massive impact on the world and leave a legacy!

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How You Can Make A Massive Impact?

The mostly hidden $129 Billion dollar market and how you can make a massive impact and leave a legacy by profiting from it.

The KBB Triangle: The 3 ways to profit (whether you’re an expert with a thriving business, just getting started, or even if you’re at complete rock bottom) no work at all.

The framework to profit from what you (or someone else) already knows or by creating community and bringing people together.

Zoom into friends for advice.

There’s no other time where you’re going to have this opportunity.

Because if you’re not going to make a shift in your life now, then when?

Courses During Lockdown

Listen to TED talks. On-line tutorials for writing, business platforms are so cheap now.

For economic advice listen to

Great guys who go against the stock market as we know it.

Go through all your existing network of business over the last year.

Drop them an email showing that you care.

Youtube Controversial Scientists being Taken Down

Youtube is taking down anyone with expert opinions regarding 5G, Vaccines and Covid 19 lockdown debates. I love listening to non-main stream media. These are some of my favourites so far.

These are people highly educated and because they challenge our leaders of today. Their videos keep getting taken down.

Advocates for freedom of speech are who they are!

  • and London Real
  • Rashid Buttar is an American osteopathic physician from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is known for his controversial use of chelation therapy for numerous conditions, including autism and cancer. He has been reprimanded by the North Carolina Board of Medical Examiners for unethical treatment of patients.
  • Sacha Stone “My days are focused on working toward bridging leadership and the grassroots,” he says. “Not as an apologist for one or a defender of the other, particularly, but because if we do not cut through the BS ourselves, as living men and women of the soil, we will be extinct before we get to work out the folly of our collective actions.

Dr, Judy Mikovits PHD Judy Anne Mikovits is an American anti-vaccination activist and former medical researcher. She has made discredited claims about vaccines, coronavirus, and chronic fatigue syndrome.