If you are an animal lover then it is likely that you have a pet or two in your household. From cats and dogs to fish and hamsters, whether your pet is low maintenance or needs a bit more attention, we all want to do everything we can to keep them happy and healthy. A happy pet makes for a happy owner so keep reading for our top tips on how to keep them healthy and thriving.

Regular check-ups

It is always a good idea to arrange regular check-ups for your animals in order to keep them happy and healthy. Many pets such as cats and dogs may only need to go for one yearly check-up to stay on top of their health as vets will be able to detect any warning signs of illnesses or problems and you will have peace of mind. Don’t overlook pet insurance as this can protect your animal from unexpected injuries or illnesses and help to avoid you being hit with an expensive bill.


Good nutrition is a huge part of your pet’s health and what can ultimately help to keep them happy. It is very important when you get a new pet to research their diet to find out what the best types of food for them are. You want to strike a balance between providing them with as much nutrition as possible and also giving them a treat and something they enjoy from time to time. Try to get your pet in a routine of eating at certain times of the day as this will help with their digestion and ensure that they have constant access to fresh water to stay hydrated. Certain pets may need some supplements and vitamins that they would get in the wild that they cannot get in your home so again do your research and go to your vet for more advice on this aspect of nutrition.


Depending on the type of pet you have, exercise may be detrimental to their health. As we all probably know, most breeds of dogs require to be walked multiple times a day so that they get enough exercise and remain healthy. You could take them on hikes, play with them in the park or even take them swimming. Why not get your exercise at the same time and take them on a run? When it comes to other types of animals, they may not need exercise in the traditional sense of the word but you can still stimulate them mentally by giving them toys and puzzles to play with to keep them entertained.


The effect of love and affection cannot be underestimated on your pet’s health and well-being. Over time you will develop a bond with your pet as you spend more time together and get to know their personality. Some pets enjoy affection more than others so be respectful of their preferences and allow them to come to you. Showing your pet affection with cuddles, petting and belly rubs will strengthen your bond with them and could even improve your own happiness and mental well-being. Having a pet has even been proven to lower blood pressure and the risk of heart attacks!

This is just a quick look at what you can do to help your pet stay happy and healthy. Of course, there are many other factors that contribute to your pet’s well-being but if you research their needs and care for them with love and affection, they will lead a happy life.