When done correctly, mixing and matching furniture in a home brings an element of style and sophistication. Many of today’s most popular decor styles complement each other when paired with intention. It’s important to thoughtfully curate the furniture and decor in a room so everything looks cohesive. Neglecting to do so could result in a room looking too busy. Read on to learn more about how to properly mix and match furniture styles in your home.


Furniture styles typically come from a particular era in time or consist of a common group of characteristics and features. When it comes to decorating a room, a rule of thumb is to stick to the same style of furniture across all pieces. However, to add visual interest and personality, you can incorporate two or more different styles as long as they are complementary. For example, you may combine a mid-century modern sofa with a more bohemian-style coffee table if they are made of the same type of wood. You can also choose furniture pieces from different styles if they share common shapes. An example would be to choose pieces from different eras with rounded edges and soft silhouettes.

Colour and Pattern

Tying a room together with various style elements is easily done with colour and pattern matching. Traditional furniture pairs well with modern pieces when they’re in the same colour family. Monochromatic colour schemes made up of a few different furniture styles make a room look sophisticated and elegant. For more variety, choose complementary colours from the same colour family. For example, if pink is the main colour of the room, consider bringing in melon and orange tones to add dimension and depth.

Mixing patterns is also a classy way to tie different furniture styles together. Choose small patterns in neutral tones for the easiest, most complimentary mixing. Don’t be afraid to combine stripes and more whimsical patterns, just be sure they’re of the same colour or complement each other. In addition to patterned cushions and pillows, add a unique patterned throw rug in complementary colours.

Overall Aesthetic and Feel

When you think of your home, there are usually a few words that come to mind. Maybe you strive to bring a cosy, comforting vibe to the home where friends and family feel relaxed as soon as they step inside. Perhaps you entertain quite often and your home is where all the parties are. In this case, you may want your home to look vibrant, exciting, and high-energy. Whatever the case may be, the style of furniture and decor you choose should reflect your overall aesthetic and feel. Even if you love a more industrial, modern style, you can still make your home appear cosy and warm by adding the right tones of paint and upholstery. On the flip side, you can make a bohemian-inspired home look classy and elegant by adding the right high-end pieces.

Focal Point

To tie a room’s style all together, start with one or two elements as the main inspiration. For example, a large painting in the centre of the living room could inspire which colours you choose for upholstery or drapes. You may also have a large piece of furniture like a giant leather sectional sofa or a large dining table set the tone for how you decorate the rest of the room.

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