Seventeen years ago, I resided in Brighton, United Kingdom, specifically in Hove. To navigate the bustling city, riding a bike along the seafront was not just a preference, but a necessity. As a child, I had always enjoyed riding bikes, but during that time, I owned the most fashionable bike I had ever possessed. It was my desire to differentiate myself from the crowd and ensure that it complemented my unique lifestyle.


Vintage Rare Giant Bike

I chose a fashion bike, also known as a Tiffany-inspired bike. This bike is unique and creates a red-carpet moment whenever I ride it, catching the attention of onlookers. This bike has consistently attracted attention, which is a perfect match for my personality. The steel used in its construction is of excellent quality, resulting in a heavy bike. Additionally, its design is vibrant, and feminine, and exudes a stylish appearance.

The brand is affiliated with Giant, a renowned bicycle manufacturer. I conducted an online search to identify any similar bikes and discovered only one available for purchase in South Africa. This particular bike is highly uncommon and difficult to come by.

Grand Universe Lucca Tuscany


Lucca is a city located on the Serchio River in the Tuscany region of Italy. One of its notable features is the well-preserved Renaissance walls that surround its historic city center, along with its charming cobblestone streets. Visitors often enjoy walking or cycling along the wide, tree-lined pathways that run along the top of these impressive 16th and 17th-century ramparts. The Lucca wall is well-known for its fashion-forward individuals who proudly display their street style and unique bike preferences. And what better city to explore on my vintage Tiffany bike than Lucca? I can ride along the wall, taking in the charming sights of restaurants, cafes, and shops along the way.

Additionally, Casa di Puccini, the birthplace of the renowned opera composer, has been transformed into a house museum for visitors to explore. The best way to explore Lucca center is by riding a bike. So many Italians dress well it is inspiring for tourists to do the same. Walking on the cobblestones is very exhausting and harsh on your body. Ride a vintage bike instead.


The bike stands out of the Lucca famous wall for walking and riding.


Teenager Wellness

My teenage daughters absolutely love riding this bike on the wall because of its appearance. In a world where mental health is a growing concern among teenagers, this bike has brought them so much joy. The feeling of happiness and the attention it attracts always puts a smile on their faces. Despite receiving offers to sell the bike over the years, I simply cannot part with it because of the immense joy and happiness it brings to my girls. When staying at the five-star hotel in central Lucca, called Grand Universe Lucca. Then make sure you ride in style to it.

Grand Universe Lucca Hotel Tuscany lucca-Vintage-Tiffany-bike-gracie-Opulanza

Bike Streetstyle

This bicycle, similar to a Bentley cruiser, is quite heavy and should be ridden at a slow pace. It is equipped with gears for changing speeds, but it is best suited for leisurely rides among the beautiful autumn leaves in Lucca. I chose to wear my Puma trainers, which perfectly match the color of the bike. White trainers always complement any bike color. Being in Italy, I have the freedom to wear anything fashionable while riding this bike. It is an investment of effort and time, and most importantly, it greatly benefits my mental well-being. As I age and become colder and stiffer, this bike serves as a motivation for me to keep moving and stay strong.

Puma White Trainers lucca-Vintage-Tiffany-bike-gracie-Opulanza Puma white trainers