Gracie Opulanza - Menstylefashion Co- Founder

Young Designer Awards 2013

I happened to be in London when I noticed the Young Designer Awards. It’s what I am all about. Exposing talent from the ground up. At the end of the presentations given by these designers. I sat down and encouraged them that they were all winners. But I left by saying. I am attending a huge event called London Collections: Men. I have nothing to wear. In my mind the person that would contact me would be the winner. You see I am the only women in the world that is talking about Men Style & Fashion full time.

The camera is always on me when I am interviewing David Gandy. My image is crucial in getting these interviews. A couple of weeks later Sumneema Rai ( sunu sunuk) e-mailed me and asked if she could design something. She did not win the awards that day. But I tell you she won a whole lot more than that by simply making the effort and contacting me.

See you at London Collections: Men. Where the world will be watching, filming and taking shots of Sumneema Rai Couture Knitwear Collection 2014.


Follow the progress on her twitter @SunuSunuk



David Gandy - Maria Scard Photography

Our photo’s were featured in Vogue requested by David Gandy himself


Sam Way - Male Model & Musician menstylefashion Shoot

Where there are super models of the world there is Gracie Opulanza


Oliver-Cheshire - Gracie Opulanza

Oliver Cheshire – UK Male Model