Zareena Presents Mystical ‘Arabian Nights’ Themed Collection at Fashion Forward Dubai

Dubai-UAE: 08 October, 2014 – Zareena, the Emirati high couture fashion brand, unveiled its latest collection inspired by the ‘Arabian Nights’ at the season four of Fashion Forward Dubai (FFWD) held on 5 October, 2014 at Madinat Jumeirah. UAE National designer Zareena Yousif, showcased 37 creations from her new collection that delighted a packed audience of fashion elites..

Zareena Yousif, Showcased 37 creations

Zareena Yousif, said: “It is an exciting time for the fashion industry in the UAE and the region. The landscape of the regional fashion industry is shifting with Dubai having the potential to become the global fashion hub. Events such as this present a great opportunity for all the stakeholders to assemble together and create a dialogue for fostering the growth and sustainability of the regional fashion industry.”
“Zareena is a brand known for creating luxurious, exquisite pieces. This season, we drew inspiration from the magnificence of Arabia. The collection is inspired from the ‘Arabia Nights: One Thousand and One Nights’, a collection of West and South Asian stories and folk tales compiled in Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age. The brand promise stays fulfilled, an abundance of flow, the richness of touch in fabrics, and a cornucopia of colours, the essence of Arabian culture.”
The set, music and lighting to the piled-high hair of the female models and costumes of the male models added to the drama of the fashion show.
Zareena brings to each of her designs an exotic fusion of ethnic embroidery techniques that make every creation a one-of-a kind classic piece. Zareena’s unique avant-garde use of embroidery from around the globe, combined with silver and gold threads and fabrics of the highest quality, bring a magical princess-like quality to all of her creations.

 About Zareena:

In Persian, the name Zareena means golden thread and indeed early on, this talented designer exhibited a love for fashion. It was when studying Business Management in India, that Zareena first discovered what luxurious fabric combinations and rich embroidery could do to complement and enhance a woman’s beauty. This inspired her to begin her worldwide search for the exquisite textures, adornments and needlework that would have became the trademark of her internationally acclaimed gowns. Zareena’s goal was to create a line characterized by timeless pieces with simple cuts and fabrics that would flow to complement a woman’s natural beauty and magnetism. By 1994, Zareena established her fashion house, Fasateen, in Dubai. The high couture brand, Zareena was launched in the early 2000s. Zareena brings to each of her designs an exotic fusion of ethnic embroidery techniques and international fabrics that make every creation a one-of-a kind classic piece. Her fairy-like ethereal dresses dazzle audiences and appeal to women across the globe.

Photo’s from Maria Scard