Find out about five simple, easy habits to maintain good mental health. Mental health self-care can be as easy as getting enough sleep, wellness treatments and eating well.

I left my home birth country twenty-five years ago, Australia. I am what you call a third culture kid. My personality flaws are, I am fifty, I am impatient, moody and struggle with irritability. I find family responsibilities overwhelming most of the time. I don’t find motherhood easy.

Growing up in Australia was not pleasant as I was always being shamed about being Italian.

So my social factors have meant I never felt like I belonged. Therefore growing Australia there was this constant pull and appetite to venture to Italy.

Share Everyday How You Feel

I am a digital nomad. So my form of communication is online. Every day I make sure I connect with someone to share how I am feeling. This helps me with prevention like depression and anxiety. Prevention is important for my mood swings. It’s part of my daily wellness.

Face To Face Meetups

I am always being very aware during this pandemic of the importance of meeting people face to face. And created a community that allowed me to do this. I lived on a huge estate in Tuscany where we all could meet up often to offload our daily worries, concerns and fears.

I often notice the difference between not meeting people face to face and when I don’t This is my self-care to prevent mental illness or other symptoms in my life. I occasionally struggle with sleep deprivation. When I meet people it helps my mind be active and results in good night sleep.

6 Effective Wellness Habits For Mental Health

Women’s Health

We are a gender of communication. Many women including me have suffered due to not understanding what makes us operate better on a daily basis. For me, I am always conscious of others who live in poverty and how that will and does affect women when it comes to sadness. Worry is a huge anxiety issue on a daily basis for mums like myself.

I worry about my children’s future. I worry about the cost of living. I worry about where I will base myself regarding my digital nomad life. I worry for my two teenage girls. As I homeschool and the social effects are having on my girls.

To balance that worry I make sure I exercise every day. I am a big fan of jumping on a trampoline. Great for my mental fatigue, wonderful for premenstrual conditions. It’s important I am very conscious of my psychology and how to feed my mental state of mind.

6 Effective Wellness Habits For Mental Health


I had a very traumatic childbirth. The traumatic experience leads me to have an emergency caesarian. With this comes a lot of aftermath of how to cope with this. It was so fast I could not even hold my baby. As new mothers, the feeling of hopelessness has to be recognised. I struggled with breastfeeding too. Make sure you build a team around you when you give birth to people that can cook for you. make your bed. Avoid any stress on the body, don’t walk upstairs. Pamper yourself, essential oils make sure you get spoilt as a new mother.

My upbringing was always about women coping with daily stress. Coping with not being pampered or served upon. Put these in place before you have a baby.

It’s a special bonding time and it’s not a time to be doing housework, cleaning up, worrying about daily chores. I always made sure I slept when the baby did. I made sure my wellness was being looked after, which meant, massage, walking and just relaxing.

Connecting With Your Community

We have lost this art of making sure we get to know our neighbours. Asking them for help. During Covid 19, I always made sure I had a lifeline to hold onto. If you are alone, don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Connect with your neighbour and communicate how you are feeling.

Bake a cake, gift your time. IT’s priceless and valuable when you need help. The best mental health is connecting with human beings.

Be mindful of who you share your deepest thoughts with. Also, watch out for symptoms of depression.

Live Each Day As It Comes

In our current world, it is hard to forecast or plan to a far head when it comes to holidays, parties, weddings or a pregnancy.

It is important to tap into accessible resources such as yoga to help with calming the mind. If you have mental health disorders it is important to avoid like so many ladies traumatic stress disorder. Better to have wellness in daily living than end up with other mental problems.

Massages Body Stress Release

I have many aches and pains in my body. I always have. It’s important for me to have Body Stress Release therapy to release all the mental and physical tension. It is brilliant for owners who suffer from premenstrual syndrome. As the pain continues in our daily lives this leads to many women experiencing depression.

I find us ladies are always sacrificing therefore we hold stress in our hips, lower back and shoulders. There is no shame in getting regular massages to get through life. I know this treatment is brilliant for menopause symptoms. I also bought a trampoline which is amazing for my lymphatic issues,

Meditation & Prayer

For me meditating on a daily basis, speaking out about my future is why I am coping through lockdowns and Covid 19. My mental state of mind is important to cope with being anxious. I watch what I read and make sure I focus on daily challenges.

The barrier between psychiatrists and me is my mental state of mind. Eat well and have regular baths to take all the daily tension away especially as mothers.

6 Effective Wellness Habits For Mental Health food