Whilst visiting a Villa in Tuscany Italy. I noticed the most amazing Bougainvillea plants I have ever seen in pots. They need the right weather for the maximum outcome. Here they are clearly loving the terrain of Italy.

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This much loved romantic tropical plant is famous for its colourful bracts. Bougainvillaea is native to subtropical and tropical  South America.

The largest size they go to is 10cm.  They need good light levels and don’t expose to soaring heat in the summer. Cold and wet are not good for these plants. Make sure it’s dry as it can likely survive a hard winter and extreme weather changes.

How To Choose Your Pot?

Don’t plunge a Bougainvillaea in a large pot. They need to be reported every spring. When it comes to compost. I recommend John Innes No3. but again opt for your local supplier’s advice. Water well in summer and from October until march don’t water hardly at all. These plants are robust.

You can trim them back to 2.5cm. I am guessing these are much bigger than 6m or more. The setting was pure an indulgence of La Dolce Vita.

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As you can see here they need a minimum temperature of 10C. They can flower most of the year if you follow the rules. Happy gardening is what this is all about. Book in a timer for feeding and indulge in receiving mental health therapy.

Bougainvillaeas need some support. As they are a climber plant. On this occasion, the owner has teamed them with endless hedges of jasmine. The pure smell and combination of both plants is pure joy. Plant Therapy is so important during uncertain times like this year. As life is getting more complicated when it comes to travel and the cost of living. If one does not nurture their own backyard. it can lead to a very sad and stressful life.

It is why I choose to live the Tuscan lifestyle here in Italy. I saw these bails of hay, which I grew up with and decided to climb them with my family, just for the fun of it.

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Soaking up the smell and Tuscan blue skies. Nurture what you have and grow it until happiness is found. Be content with what you have. That is the key to a fulfilled daily routine.

bale of hay in tuscany Italy

Nature costs not much when you can literally walk up to it and appreciate its glory.

Tuscany Siena Hills 2022 italy (1)

Siena Tuscany has endless amounts of nature to drive to. This summer if you can’t fly due to staff shortages. Drive to Italy instead for a well-earned break.