With her raven black hair and cheeky knowing smile, Bettie Page was (and still is) a true pinup icon with thousands of followers who want to replicate her style. The Bettie Page look encompasses the retro pinup style perfectly, and all you need is a little vintage know-how to be able to get the look.

Copying icons such as Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn you’ll need to carefully consider their clothing styles in order to get their look. This is tricky with Bettie because she wasn’t known for wearing many clothes!

What made Bettie so iconic was her striking hair, so if you want to look like this lady then here’s what to do:

Bettie’s Hair Colour

If you truly want to get the Bettie to look then you’ll need raven black hair. You can do this yourself with a semi-permanent or permanent blue/black or jet black dye or go to your local salon if you’re not feeling too brave. If you have a pale complexion and/or blonde hair then think carefully before you dye it black. Black hair dye doesn’t fade out, you have to grow it out so you’ll have to be fully committed if you decide to change the colour.

How to Get Perfect Bettie Page Hair

Bettie’s Bangs

Bettie’s look was all about the bangs (or fringe). Legend has it that she was told she had a high forehead and was advised to cut herself a fringe to disguise it – her short fringe then became her trademark and something she is remembered for to this day!

To get Bettie bangs you should take a photo of her into your local hair salon and ask for a fringe cut about 1/2 inch above your eyebrows and curved up in a U shape – it’s better to find a good reputable vintage salon as they really know how to create this look. Once you have your Bettie fringe you’ll need to keep it regularly trimmed to maintain the shape.

The best way to style this type of fringe is to curl it under with a hot iron so it has a slightly bevelled edge. Another way of doing this is by curling it under whilst drying it with a hairdryer, using a medium rounded hairbrush. Finish with a spritz of hairspray.

How to Get Perfect Bettie Page Hair

Bettie’s Soft Hair Curls

To get Bettie’s soft waves you’ll need hairpins and hair mousse or setting lotion. Add the mousse or lotion to damp hair and divide your hair into 1-inch square sections. Wrap each piece of hair around your finger creating a curl that lies flat against your head – secure with two pins making an X shape. When you have finished all of your hair, wrap a silk scarf across your head to protect the curls. You can either sleep on them overnight or wait until it dries naturally. Once dry, remove the pins and brush the curls out so they are soft and natural-looking. Et voila! You now have Bettie curls.

Don’t forget to add lots of hairspray to your hair to keep the curls and bangs in position.