It has been five years since I have ventured home to Australia. Unbeknownst to me the Jaguar F-PACE SUV, was a rare site here in Victoria Australia. In the 2000km I drove it, I never saw one. Culturally, I noticed the women here in Australia,  do love fast cars and anything that looks and sounds loud, let alone looking sporty. The women here are not afraid to display the love of luxury cars and drive them too. With the likes of Ford and Holden V8’s dominating the roads here for as long as I can remember. I am here to inspire the ozzie, posh bird, to take a risk and sport her chic image with a Jaguar F-PACE. During my two week stay in Victoria Australia I was very intrigued, excited and was on a mission to see how the Jaguar F-PACE, Twin Turbo Charged Diesel would perform regarding inspiring women to embrace this stunning, sporty looking luxury SUV.

For me the Jaguar F-PACE is an exciting independency in the world of luxury driving for women.

Posh Birds Don’t Hide

Jaguar is an European car, it is flashy and it is all about turning heads. When I drove it, I could not believe how many men stopped, looked and stared. I mean whist I was driving it. They also could not handle me overtaking them. So I started to do my own experiment, and slow down, speed up and overtake. It was brilliant because over and over the men, had to overtake. Well, until I floored it and showed them who was the real queen of the highway.

For me this is a posh bird way of flaring my luxury SUV, feathers and send out a message that us women love luxury, fast cars too.


Australia then and now prides itself on highlighting and enforcing that the roads Down Under are challenging, vast and to be respected at all times. There is so much technology here for ladies to use and when I was showing other women the car technology here in Australia, I was very impressed in how much they knew about it. There were many occasion in where, the ladies would get into the SUV, and refuse to get out. The Jaguar F-PACE has that effect and that is why I would inspire many women to opt for it. Regarding being a mum or keeping oneself very safe. This SUV, has so many safety features on it, it is worth every penny.

Comfort And Back Pain Release

The SUV had leather heated seats throughout the whole of the car. Every time I would allow passengers into the car. They all loved the heated seat options and how soothing it was for their lower back. The many different ambient lighting options was also brilliant for those winter blues mood moments.

Heated seats are a perfect luxury, premenstrual cycle relief  I can get in peace and calm.

Luxury Fashion Driving

Well if there is an SUV, I was going to sport throughout the city of Melbourne, then it was the  Jaguar F-PACE. Easy to park, it got a lot f attention and comments when people were walking by at shopping centers.  It had ample of boot space and leg space for those women sporting large dresses, let alone high heels that  need space for an elegant exit out of the car. For the food shop, plenty of space for some good Australian wine. Or when I am pulling up to a five star hotel in Melbourne, this is the car to do it in.

Luxury School Drop Off

If there is a car that I the posh mum want’s to be seen in, whilst dropping off the kids let alone heading to an AFL, football match.  Then this SUV, ticked all the boxes. It’s super safe for children, and super safe for AFL fans too.

Plastic Backseat Protectors & Cameras

I had two girls and as you know kids don’t respect the luxury that goes into keeping the cars looking their best when it comes to car seats. So the plastic on the back of the passenger seats was a brilliant solution also as I did not feel any kicking. A quick car wipe would remove all the dirt, before I would kick them out and drive off alone for a luxury night out.

Wedding Car

In a country in where than less than 700 Jaguar F-PACE,  are only been sold at the moment for 2017.  This is the perfect luxury car to head to a wedding let alone drop off the groom or the bride. It has ample of space for the oversize wedding dress, if that is what rocks your fashion boat. And high enough to step out of the car without tripping over the dress. It looks super sexy with those 22inch wheels the perfect wedding shoot image.

Great Ocean Road The Luxury SUV Drive

When I drove the, Great Ocean road I loved been seen and showing off the Jaguar wheels and attack those windy road. The F-PACE is the car for this exotic drive. Whilst driving around the windy roads, it was a tedious road but thanks to the SUV, with it’s many different safety features and driving options. It was a luxury drive like no other. It also has that extra height for observing the fabulous views that the Great Ocean Road is famous for, which many cars would miss.  As for the photography, look at how the SUV, performed regarding imagery. When the weather was cold and those strong winds were dominating, there was plenty of boot space to venture out for a nice hot cup of tea.


For all the posh birds ( ladies ) out there that who are looking for a new and exciting independency in the world of luxury driving, here in Australia. I highly recommend the Jaguar F-PACE. If you want something slightly smaller and is easier to park, Jaguar has just launched the E-PACE.

The Jaguar  F–PACE is an exciting independency in the world of luxury driving for women.