When Jaguar sent me the press release, as a female representative, for car brands since 2015. I was ever so delighted to see so many celebrity women representing us female’s when it came to this car launch. Why would Jaguar do this? What is now currently trending in the world of car launches? Why on earth would Jaguar choose to invite so many celebrity women and ME?

SUV For Me Is About Safety

I can only speak for myself as a mother of two children. That when it comes to car safety, I choose to drive a SUV. In 2014, I got hit by five cars and lucky for me I was driving a SUV. I came out of the accident, very safely and the other five hatchback’s  were left pretty damaged. At the moment,  I own two cars. One being a SUV and one being a very tiny hatchback.

When I choose to go very long distances it’s the SUV that I choose to drive.

This mindset was reconfirmed when my good friend who was driving a 25 year old hatchback was hit by a 2016 SUV three months ago. THE SUV was damaged at a very high speed but the driver came out with minor injuries. Sadly the outcome for my friend was devastating. My friend lost her husband and who two teenage daughters are in rehabilitation and their outcome is still very uncertain. We both agreed that if she was driving a very updated SUV, the outcome would have been very different.

In speaking to many of my mum friends,  we all agree on one thing. That SUV’s make me and them feel safer. I am not saying they are, but as a mum a SUV is a psychological mindset regarding keeping kids safe.

SUV Too Big To Park

I have driven some absolutely massive SUV’s recently, which I love. However when it comes to driving in a city and finding parking this can leave me feeling very challenged. So it is great to see that the E-PACE caters for the city driver. In  recently speaking to a representative of Jaguar and also other car brands. They are all keen to continue this trend.

It is long time overdue, but great to see car brands finally embracing females at car launches.

Will these celebrity females and social media influences such as myself, inspire women into buying the E-PACE? I honestly believe we have and we will.

Le Mans 24 Hour Runnersup Trophy For Ford 2017


F-PACE Australia

Unfortunately I could not make the  launch of the E-PACE  for MenStyleFashion. I am  currently on a three month luxury tour around the globe. 

Sri Lanka World Heritage Site Sigiriya

It has been five years since I have been to Australia. I have decided to support my followers and bring MenStyleFashion to Melbourne Australia.What a great place to  experience once again the F-PACE.

Time to spread it’s massive wings, take it on the open road and park it with ease in those massive car parks. 

Holland April 2017