I grew up in rural Australia on a farm. I remember my parents buying their very first SUV in the nineties. Back in those days these type of cars were in their infancy. The technology was very basic and the power of the engine was nothing to what I am driving today. The Jaguar F-PACE is what I call one sexy and powerful looking SUV. I am always looking for cars that are statement pieces. I work in the world of fashion and in this pretentious environment, first impressions counts.

Cars for me are as much a lifestyle statement as the very clothes that I wear. I am a person who does ponder about the personalities behind the cars. What a great way to experience this F- PACE than driving it in Holland.

For me F-PACE Model S,  first appearance is why as a female driver I felt bang on trend when it comes to functionality, feeling funky and being able to drive real FAST.

22 Inch Fast Pace Wheels

I am a big lover of massive alloy wheels, they just look kick ass. Jaguar certainly understood the importance of exterior styling. When I first laid my eyes on the F-PACE, my mouth just dropped at the size of those whopping 22 inch wheels. I knew right then, this SUV was about setting the F-PACE regarding luxury travel and showcasing my car persona. Due to the size of these wheels, the drive is not as smooth. It is the same like wearing high heels. You just gotta have them, no matter what the cost is.

F- PACE – Family Pace

It’s the first time I will introduce myself as a mum. I have two girls aged 7 & 9 called Gigi and Aurelia. As a mum my priority is about keeping you children safe. My girls are all about fashion, fun and food. So who better to assist me in my review for this SUV than my children, who are honest critics when it comes to cars and my driving.

This letter F makes perfect sense to me. Fast, fashion, fun and funky. It’s a car that gives me the feel good factor. The F-PACE, makes me feel the Queen of the road. With a whopping 380HP and options to make the car sound loud with the sports mode. Me and the girls had so much fun. The girls loved every-time, I would change down the sport mode options. They also loved the Meridian sound system every time I would play Shawn Mendes.

Safety for my children, is my priority.

Bikes Set the F-PACE

In a place such as Holland, where bikes rule. The driving technique is very different to any other country in the world. Therefor your revision mirror and blind spots are imperative in avoiding hitting a bike rider. Cycling is a ubiquitous mode of transport in the Netherlands. Many roads have one or two separate cycle ways along them, or cycle lanes marked on the road. Bike riders here can be just as fast if not more than you as a driver. The speed that these bikes are going is why I was very grateful for the technology the F-Pace had regarding my blind spots and fast braking objects in front of the car. On many occasions the alert and warnings went off in the F-PACE. All this had a calming effect on my normally erratic behaviour.

I am proud to say, no one was hit, injured or offended during my review of the F-PACE with me not being used to all the Dutch traffic intricacies. Also being so high in the F-PACE, my vision of bikes was very visible and because I was driving a whopping powerful 380 BHP car, they could hear me coming anyway. The stop start nature of traffic in Holland meant a lot of breaking and accelerating. l learned afterwards that this F-PACE even regenerates braking energy to charge the battery, WOW.

So my erratic driving style was being energized.

 On many occasions the alert and warnings went off in the F-PACE. All this had a calming effect on my normally erratic behaviour.

My girls love everything bright and spacious. The F-PACE as far as a passenger goes is a spacious and very adventures drive. Plenty of room for dolls, shoes, handbags and everything bling. I noticed when I stopped for some sightseeing, the F-PACE did draw attention here in the Netherlands.

 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds

 The 380 hp engine is capable of 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds. So on the highway I wanted to explore this option. I liked how I could, manually control gearshifts via the steering wheel paddles at the touch of a finger. A nice smooth gradual take off and children in the back comfortable as can be. The F-PACE I felt solid on the road and again all the extra safety tools made my long drive easy. In Holland you can have up to six lanes and with that amount of traffic on the road it can be exhausting. With all types of technology assisting me, I never felt exhausted after a long day driving.

F-PACE – Fashion Fast & Food

Parking can test ones character and driving skills to the limit. I often see women, fighting for spacious car parks to avoid stress let alone a costly outcome. But also if you have young children, then again the easiest access to a car park the better. Getting those big prams let alone your baby out is hard to do at times. In Europe this is one hell of a challenge.  So once again I was grateful  and loved the parking technology the F-PACE had to offer regarding parking and park assists. I did notice many women, looking at the F-PACE.

Jaguar has certainly done a fantastic job in creating a work of fashion art here. I felt funky, I felt fast and most of all the F-PACE is a car in where you can dress up and showcase and set the fashion pace. It’s a luxury car worth spending your hard earned cash on.

Boot F-Space

There is nothing worse walking to the car and not being able to open it because your hands are full or you can’t remember where the keys are. Also if you have young children holding a handbag and a baby in your arms can be very challenging. So I loved the easy access to the boot opening. Just as important there was plenty of boot space, for food, fashion, jackets, tiny bikes, toys handbags and flowers.

Interior Mood Lighting.

This was so nice when day turns into night. The mood lighting availability, is really posh indeed and it certainly gave a real feel good factor regarding how I felt. You can take personalization to the next level with the optional Configurable Interior Mood Lighting included in the Luxury Interior package. The system highlights the finest interior design details with soft pools of light in a choice of ten different colors. The F-PACE can create an ambiance to match my every mood. I chose purple.

F-PACE Panormamic Roof – Floral & Flowers
In the month of April Holland is blooming when it comes to flowers. I decided to drive around the tulip fields on the warmest April Sunday this year. Can you imagine the road traffic and bikes that were fighting for that perfect Instagram shot. Well thanks to Jaguar my opening panoramic glass roof came in very handy. The interior was filled with light and it enhanced the spacious feeling whilst driving around. The effective tinting prevented the excessive heating of the interior let alone my children. Therefore what could have been potentially a stressing tour, resulted in me having one of the best drives in a very long time as a mother with her calm children.

F-Pace SUV Model S – Fantastic Flare
In 2017, I can clearly say that Jaguar has for its very first SUV launch, targeted a very specific important market when it comes to female drivers. As many parents can relate too. Driving with children can be very stressing,  regarding concentration skills. Children test you to the maximum, no matter how many times you are consistently reminding children. That it’s important they do not interrupt let alone scream at me , whilst I am driving.

Therefore I was very grateful for all those safety alert systems within the F-PACE, that created a great safe drive. On some occasions when all failed in regarding keeping my kids quiet, I just turned up that awesome sound system and listen to the radio. As far as performance yes I knew it was there but on the many busy roads in Holland I did not use it much or only for a short period of time. I need windy mountain roads and no kids to get a real appreciation of that.

Thanks Jaguar for a job well done.

Update: I have also been able to review the Diesel version of the Jaguar F-Pace this time in Australia, you can read that review here.