London Fashion Week is all about getting as much information to the world as fast as you can. If you’re not invited into the catwalks, then the bloggers are out in force trying to get pictures of whatever represents women’s fashion. The influencers heading to the runway are often wearing next seasons collection. You can’t be streetstyle photography. I find taking images of people making the effort is all the real reason why photographers do what they do. More so than ever it’s the Fashionista’s on the street that attract the most attention. So what is involved getting the right shots? We do have our mobile phone’s but they never capture what an expensive lenses can in the heat of the moment.

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The Bloggers

So camera in hand it’s all about trying to get unique information. We understand that being seen and wearing the right clothes can get you into the radar of fashion. Getting your image on someone’s else influential blog could start a new career for you.

Taking shots of  Fashionista’s walking into the events and catwalks is very interesting to capture new trends for any season.

How Many Shots Does It Take To Get A Cool Shot

Mitch Stringer recounted how, for last years Super Bowl  an event that lasted two and a half hours – Sports Illustrated recruited 12 of the very best sports photographers. On average, their equipment was worth $50,000 – in other words – lots of very expensive long lenses.

Collectively, those 12 photographers took 16,000 shots. Of those, how many were considered Sports Illustrated quality? 75!

What the Photographers Wear

In this arena the fashion competition is fierce. So whilst you are in action there is nothing more endearing and chic when a woman not only looks stylish but whilst in action she rocks with her camera. Fashion photographers can make lots of cash by the way they look, unlike a runner does.

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The professional photographers for catwalks are not lurking outside to find out what celebrities and influencers are wearing. It is important to make an effort in the world of fashion.

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Why Dress Up As A Photographer?

Image counts and there are people scouting for the right image when it comes to a photographer taking shot of someone. So what you wear is part of your CV, when it comes to streetstyle photography. Make sure you wear your own personal style it can really set you apart. No use wearing the same outfit bought from ZARA.

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The handbags here are an interesting choice , as they can just throw the camera in the bag. But I would opt for a luxury leather red backpack like the one below all made in Italy. This can also be used as a walk in bag for catwalks. The red goes with everything.

Gracie Opulanza Red leather backpack Made In Italy Tuscany London (7) Red Leather Made In Italy Backpack Gracie Opulanza

Your Hair Style

When it comes to your hairstyle a neat tuck away, or Audrey Hepburn inspiration means your hair looks clean and neat throughout the day. Remember you will be in the way of another photographers shot. Therefore what you wear will be put on someone else social media account. That can be very big for millions of tik tok agents accounts for new models or work for you.

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Leather It Up

Leather fashion is a strong statement of hard work and grit. That you can withstand the long hours it requires to get that money making shot. It is a colour that won’t stand out when your image is being taken in the back ground. If you can withstand ankle boots then do so as it does look very sexy when a woman is behind the fashion lenses. Leather gives out a tough working image.

Theurbanspotter woman fashion photographers.1

Your camera is your image and what you wear at London Fashion Week will be captured everywhere when taking street style photography. Make sure you take the time to trend your unique style.