Molly Sims - London Fashion Week 2013

At London Fashion week I had an idea to share with everyone who can’t get into these fashion catwalks how nuts it can really be. I figured that the only way to get a perspective of how the models and celebrities are feeling? Let alone what they are experiencing from the press. Is to just simply film it. When it comes to getting the perfect shot for fashion magazines the photographer are yelling over each other at the women. They are hunting for the so called perfect shot?

What you won’t notice is how much I was getting pushed and at times a camera was hitting the back of my head. Yes it did not matter I was a women . Was I in the wrong spot? Well in fact I had the best shot of them all. I had no pressure but to have a good laugh and film.

These photographers get paid to get the shot. I can only describe the experiences as somewhat mental on every level. Just imagine there are loads of men fighting for that one girl. ENJOY!


Molly Sims



Celebrity Number Two