Greetings, darlings! It’s Gracie Opulanza here, tuning in from the rolling hills of Umbria, Italy, where dreams adorn the landscapes much like the opulent jewels that often grace my attire. Today, let’s waltz through a topic close to my heart and, inevitably, intertwined with my luxuriant escapades: the dance of love and loss, and how these seemingly discordant experiences craft the tapestry of our lives.

As I sit in my soon-to-be dream home, a sprawling villa kissed by the Italian sun, my mind meanders through a labyrinth of past misadventures and triumphs. Oh, the stories I could tell! From the ashes of a devastating house fire to the twisted metal of a car crash, life’s trials have been as extravagant in their pain as they have been in their teachings.

Let’s start with the fire that dared to challenge my material world, consuming every possession I held dear. Did I wallow in despair? For a moment, yes. But as the smoke cleared, so did my vision. The loss was monumental, but the space it cleared for new beginnings was, dare I say, invigorating.



Then there was the miscarriage, a loss so profound that it momentarily dimmed the sparkle of my usually radiant world. Yet, in this deep sorrow, I found a resilience I never knew I possessed, a strength that now underpins every venture I embrace.

Bullying, too, has scarred my journey. Once, it barred me from the glittering catwalks of London Fashion Week, a dream crushed before it could even take flight.

However, what seemed a merciless push from the fashion elite actually catapulted me into a life rich with travel, from the mystical shores of Laos to the bustling streets of Bangkok and beyond. If not for the harsh shove from my supposed peers, would I have ever discovered my knack for luxuriant hotel reviews or the thrill of automotive critiques with the likes of Rolls Royce and Bentley? I think not!

Each setback, each heartbreak and every single loss—they’re not just stumbling blocks, my dears, but stepping stones. They are the harsh dots in our lives that, when connected, map out a path to our true destinies. Take the car crash that claimed my shiny new vehicle; it was a nightmare wrapped in twisted metal.

Yet, it taught me about the impermanence of things and the enduring nature of grit and grace.

Gracie Opulanza Ferrari Roma (3)

And let us not forget those fleeting moments when fear held me back from property investments. Each hesitation, each moment of doubt, was a lesson waiting to bloom. It was only when I embraced my life as a digital nomad, exploring and writing, that I truly understood the breadth of what the world had to offer.

Oh, the poetic justice of it all! Each loss has embroidered my life with richer patterns, teaching me to chase dreams with a fierce hunger, undeterred by the spectre of failure. Why, if I hadn’t been ousted,bullied at London Fashion Week, I would never have ventured into the realm of global hotel and car reviews, uncovering my passion for storytelling and luxury experiences.

David Gandy gracie Opulanza interview

Love What You Do

So, here’s a toast, raised high with a glass of the finest Prosecco, to the losses that shape us, to the loves that guide us, and to the unpredictable yet thrilling journey of life. Remember, dears, don’t just fight the fires—dance in the ashes and let the winds of change lift you to new heights. Embrace the crashes, for they teach you to rebuild stronger foundations.

As Steve Jobs once wisely noted, it’s only when we look back that we can connect the dots. Each loss, each love—it’s all part of a grander plan, steering us towards our true passions and destinies. Be relentless, never settle, and let your dreams be as boundless as the skies above our beautiful Umbria.

With that, I leave you to ponder your own dots, your own losses, doors and loves. How will you connect them? How will they shape the masterpiece that is your life? Until next time, keep living, loving, and luxuriating in the journey. Ta-ta, my fabulous friends!

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