It’s my first time going backstage at London Fashion Week. I did not know what to expect but one thing is for sure. Catwalks are a serious business and a lot of pressure that goes with it. It normally takes six months to prepare for a 5 minute presentation. The relationship that the key stylist has with the designer is crucial, detrimental to the image they have to showcase to the world watching. The atmosphere was very calm very professional and very interesting indeed. In fact backstage interviews is what I am going to continually do from now on.

The reason being that it gives you an educational glimpse to any emerging fashion designer who thinks that showcasing at any catwalk is easy. Don’t be disillusioned it’s hard work on every level.

Tony & Guy

A huge thank you to Toni & Guy and their fabulous team for allowing us to get a real close incite to backstage catwalk pressure. Making us feel so welcome and who were so insistent that we stayed for the catwalk presentation and gave us fabulous seats as well. Remember those who support Gracie Opulanza are very wise indeed.

Catwalk preparation was for the two fabulous designers called Zeynep Tosun – and Marina Hoermanseder

Photography by: Maria Scard

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