Oh, darling readers, gather around as I share a tale that swings between the realms of the opulently hilarious and the absurdly luxurious. Yes, it’s about a Bentley, but not just any Bentley. It’s about driving a Bentley in a world where the lines between emotional sensitivity and emotional revenge blur like the scenery outside its tinted windows.

Imagine cruising down the streets, your hands gracing the steering wheel of a vehicle whose price tag could rival the GDP of a small island nation. It’s not just a car; it’s a Bentley. But here’s where the plot thickens, courtesy of a narrative as deliciously rich as the vehicle itself. So as I slap on some red lipstick emotionally charged, it makes me ponder? I drove them the same week around the Cotswolds.

Diving into the heart of luxury automotive experiences in the quaint yet sprawling landscapes of the Cotswolds, one can’t help but bring up the fascinating face-off between the Aston Martin Vantage and the Bentley GTC Speed. It’s a rivalry that paints a vivid picture of performance versus prestige, agility versus allure, and yes, the ever-pertinent question of size.

Driving In The Cotswolds

Let’s tackle the elephant in the room—or should I say, the luxury behemoth on the narrow country roads? The Bentley GTC Speed, with its grandiose presence and opulent design, is nothing short of a showstopper. Picture this: meandering through the Cotswolds, each turn reveals postcard-perfect views, only to be matched by the admiring (and sometimes envious) glances thrown at the Bentley. It’s a vehicle that commands attention, not just for its aesthetic appeal but for its sheer size. Navigating through the tight squeezes of village roads and the occasional traffic jams, the GTC Speed transforms from a mode of transport to a rolling event, drawing crowds and creating bottlenecks where there were none.

Chipping Campden

Now, enter the Aston Martin Vantage—a stark contrast in the realm of high-end automotive experiences. Where the Bentley brings pomp and pageantry to the Cotswolds, the Vantage introduces a dash of adrenaline and a pinch of practicality. It’s nippy, agile, and oh-so-stress-free. Darting through lanes with the ease of a countryside fox, the Vantage offers a driving experience that’s as exhilarating as it is efficient. It’s the car that whispers (or, should I say, roars) a promise of adventure without the cumbersome trappings of its larger counterpart.

The size difference between the two isn’t just about physical dimensions; it’s about the impact on the driving experience.

In the Vantage, I found freedom—the kind that comes from knowing you can zip into that tiny parking spot outside the quaintest tearoom, or take a sudden detour down a beckoning narrow lane without a second thought. The Bentley, while undeniably luxurious and thrilling in its own right, carries with it a sense of responsibility. One must be mindful of spatial allowances, of the gawking pedestrians and the less-than-amused drivers caught in its glamorous wake.

Yet, for all its practicalities, the Aston Martin Vantage can’t match the Bentley GTC Speed’s ability to transform any outing into an occasion. There’s something undeniably intoxicating about the air of prestige that envelops you in the Bentley, a sense of occasion that elevates even the most mundane journey to an event worth savoring.

In conclusion, choosing between the Aston Martin Vantage and the Bentley GTC Speed in the Cotswolds comes down to a matter of preference. Do you seek the thrill of agility and the ease of navigating through picturesque villages without a care in the world? Or do you crave the unmatched luxury, the turn-every-head-in-the-village kind of extravagance, even if it means occasionally playing pied piper to a parade of local traffic?

For me, each car offers a unique charm, a different way to experience the Cotswolds’ unrivaled beauty. The Vantage, with its spirited performance and carefree ease, represents the joy of spontaneity. The Bentley, on the other hand, embodies the grandeur of travel, turning every journey into a grand tour. In the end, size does matter, but so does the spirit of the adventure it enables. Whether causing a stir in a Bentley or darting through the countryside in an Aston Martin, the Cotswolds remain a backdrop to a symphony of automotive excellence.


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The former CEO of Bentley, Adrian Hallmark, uttered a phrase so delightfully out of touch, it could only come from the upper echelons of luxury car aristocracy. He claimed, with a straight face, that Bentley’s sales dipped because the ultra-wealthy were trembling in their bespoke shoes at the thought of appearing insensitive to the financial struggles of the common folk.

Yes, according to him, the rich were afraid of driving their $300,000 Continental GTs for fear of offending us mere mortals.

But let me tell you, my experience has been different. Having been an ardent reviewer of Bentley’s masterpieces since 2015, I’ve seen it all. Hallmark’s comments about emotional sensitivity struck a chord with me, but not for the reasons you might think.

You see, driving a Bentley doesn’t just make you the envy of every passerby; it turns you into a moving target for every form of envy, jealousy, and road rage imaginable.

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 Because at the end of the day, I’m the one with the keys to the Bentley. And that, my friends, is the sweetest revenge of all.

Emotional Revenge

Picture this: cruising through The Peak District, the car eliciting smiles and admiring glances. Now, shift the scene to an affluent London neighborhood. Here, I encountered not admiration, but animosity. Three separate incidents with men in their company-branded vans, tailgating, honking, and hurling abuses. It’s a stark illustration of emotional sensitivity morphing into outright aggression. And their assumption?

That I must be a woman kept in luxury by a rich man. The stereotype is as tired as it is untrue, but it reveals a fascinating slice of societal dynamics.

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What strikes me most is the gendered nature of these interactions. In my eleven years of reviewing luxury cars, I’ve never encountered a woman who expressed her emotional sensitivity towards me with horn or insult. It’s always been men. This leads me to ponder the concept of emotional revenge. You see, driving a Bentley gives you a certain power. The power to laugh in the face of petty jealousy, to accelerate away from negativity, embodying the very essence of speed, karma, and, yes, emotional revenge.

Hallmark’s departure to Aston Martin, unrelated to his comments, adds a layer of irony to the narrative.

It’s a reminder that in the high-stakes game of luxury branding, perceptions matter.

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Good Luck Hallmark

What an adventure it has been, darting through the picturesque Cotswolds, a backdrop so enchantingly British, it could very well be a scene lifted straight from a Jane Austen novel. Only, instead of horse-drawn carriages, my chariot of choice was a tad more modern: a Bentley and an Aston Martin. Now, there’s a juxtaposition that could stir the heart of any automobile aficionado.

Diving straight into the heart of luxury, let’s talk about the Bentley experience. It’s akin to slipping into a world where every detail is crafted to perfection, every stitch in the leather seats tells a story of opulence, and the purr of the engine sings a lullaby of power and prestige. Driving a Bentley through the Cotswolds is not just travel; it’s a proclamation of arrival, not merely at a destination, but at a pinnacle of automotive excellence.

Then, there’s the Aston Martin. Ah, the Aston Martin. The name alone evokes images of suave secret agents and high-speed chases. Yet, when placed side by side with the Bentley, it’s like comparing a meticulously tailored Savile Row suit to a high-end, off-the-rack number. Yes, the Aston Martin possesses a certain allure, its engine’s roar a call to the wild, its silhouette a masterpiece of automotive design. But—and it’s a significant but—when it comes to matching the Bentley’s sheer sense of occasion, its unabashed celebration of luxury, the Aston Martin, darling as it is, has miles to go.

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Navigating the winding roads and quaint villages of the Cotswolds in these two mechanical marvels was a study in contrasts. The Bentley envelops you in an embrace of sophisticated comfort, its ride so smooth, it’s as if the car is whispering sweet nothings to the asphalt. The Aston Martin, on the other hand, is all about the thrill, the chase, the heart-racing excitement of a car that knows its power and isn’t afraid to flaunt it.

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But here’s where the plot thickens, where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. The Bentley doesn’t just transport you; it transports you to a realm where luxury and elegance reign supreme. Every glance it attracts is one of admiration, every moment spent behind its wheel an exercise in indulgence. The Aston Martin, while undoubtedly a head-turner, delivers a different kind of pleasure. It’s the pleasure of the chase, the joy of speed, the thrill of a car that begs to be driven hard and fast.

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And so, as I reflect on my time with these two titans of the automotive world, I’m left with a conundrum wrapped in a riddle, shrouded in the finest leather. The Bentley, with its unassailable command of luxury and comfort, stands in a league of its own. The Aston Martin, with its raw power and undeniable charisma, promises an adventure of a different kind.

But if you ask me, heart in hand, which key I’d reach for on a crisp Cotswolds morning, with the promise of winding roads and breathtaking vistas ahead? Well, let’s just say the Bentley knows how to make a girl feel like royalty, and in the end, isn’t that what every heart truly desires? The Aston Martin may have a lot of work to do to match the Bentley in sheer opulence, but in the race for my affections, it’s the journey, the experience, the feeling of unparalleled luxury that takes the crown.

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The Rich Versus Poor Divide

The rich versus poor divide, inflamed by economic struggles and a market squeezing the life out of the two-car dream, is real. But so is the resilience and unabashed joy of those who choose to navigate it in a Bentley.

So, dear readers, as I reflect on my journey with these majestic machines, I’m left with a profound appreciation for the complexity of human emotions they evoke.

From envy to admiration, from hostility to humor, the Bentley experience is a microcosm of societal attitudes towards wealth, privilege, and gender stereotypes.

And to those men in their vans, and to anyone else who’s ever looked at a woman behind the wheel of a luxury car and made assumptions about her worth, her work, or her way of life, I say: the joke’s on you.

 Because at the end of the day, I’m the one with the keys to the Bentley. And that, my friends, is the sweetest revenge of all.

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In the grand tapestry of life, with its intricate patterns of human emotion and societal norms, driving a Bentley stands out as a bold, unapologetic statement. It’s a statement of success, sure, but also of defiance and resilience. It’s a reminder that joy can be found in the face of adversity, and that sometimes, the best response to negativity is to simply accelerate away from it, leaving it as nothing more than a speck in the rearview mirror.

So, let’s raise our glasses (or, in this case, our steering wheels) to the joy of driving, to the beauty of defiance, and to the endless amusement that comes from navigating the world in a vehicle that’s as emotionally sensitive as it is unapologetically opulent. After all, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t life too short not to find humor in its most extravagant moments?