If there is an example of how the Danish women can look then this is the label for it. Buch, Copenhagen is a gorgeous boutique that embraces four core colours,  white, silver, beige and mocha. This beautifully presented shop makes you feel very feminine. The clothing range represents a  casual-chic image.

At Buch Copenhagen, you will find luxury bohemian wear. It’s a very Siena Miller kind of image.

Its clothing range from lace wear tops to bling dresses at there best.  Their collections are always timeless and can be adapted to many seasons.

Cowgirl shoes

My favourite is its versions of cowboy boots. They represent a very cool, funky women and the shoes are so comfortable. I love their quirky designs and prints.

Buch is an alternative clothing wear in which you one can mix and match their designs into your existing wardrobe.



Buch, Copenhagen,cowboy-boots.


Buch, Copenhagen,-bling-dress-2012, It’s 70% off get down there it’s amazing


Buch, Copenhagen Paisley trousers


Timeless pieces you can wear over and over

Buch,copenhagen, feather jacket