For me this London Fashion Week was a hit and miss. London Fashion Week for me has sat for far too long on what I call MERITOCRACY & COMPLACENCY. Personally some of the big labels over the last year have killed fashion creativity. The same old same old mass production clothing has left us women in our thirties frustrated.  Hence why I am all for the up and coming designers, because they are hungry to showcase to the world how talented they can be. Catherine Teatum and Rob Jones certainly show us that do be successful you need to be as creative, innovative and hard working as these two.

Cowgirl Couture

I had a close up look at the complexity and work that this collection entails. It’s breathtaking when you see these clothes are made with creativity and a mindset of empowering women. It’s what the older generation over the course of the few days have said is what London Fashion Week was about. In many ways because of the huge labels dominating the catwalk has somewhat forgotten about.


Emerging Fashion Designers

Emerging Fashion designers have nothing to lose and everything to gain by showcasing unique one off collections. I encourage them to run their own race and focus on women in their thirties who are looking for more quality than quantity fashion. It’s because we know what we are as women and we know what message we want to give out. This collection is a perfect example of who I am this year as a women. A woman who is on a mission to encourage every man standing that dressing up is attractive to see on a man. This collection showcases that you can mix a touch of cowboy influences but at the same time you know it belongs to women alone.