I can’t fathom the dog ownership in the last two years. I also am not surprised regarding the lack of dog discipline most owners tend not to invest in.  Are your neighbour’s dog or dogs driving you barking mad? The mental state I am left in seeing a dog suffer is why I am writing this article.

Irish Wolfhound Andorra

In the last year, I have lived as a digital nomad in three places. Andorra, Italy and Romania. One issue that I have had to put up with is dogs barking late at night, during the night and early morning.

In Andorra, I was in a flat and below me was described on google as an extra-large dog.  Apparently, lions are even scared of this scruffy half-dead-looking dog. These wirehaired dog breeds require lots of exercises. And yet it was stuck inside all day and night. It would howl like a wolf out of pure loneliness.

It was cruel and pure neglect to have such a dog sitting inside a small space no larger than 75sqm space. The dog was an Irish wolfhound known for loyalty, very patient and good-natured. The poor thing was all that and more. These dogs also have tendencies to strong prey for small furries. Why do I mention this? Because in this small space were also two hedgehogs.

Why did I not say anything? I was flat sitting and felt it was not a place to create dog trouble. To avoid confrontation with my returning friend. It was not my flat to fight for.

But rests assured as you will see. The extremes I go to for my mental health as well as the dog’s care.

Irish wolfhound

Italy Dog Couture

In Italy dog ownership is massive. In Lucca, Tuscany many dogs are walking every day. They treat them better than the kids themselves. From dogs in prams to dog couture collars and outfits. Is a massive manoney-making business.

The dog obsession in this city alone is beyond belief. We live in a society of extreme neglect and extreme care. Where I was renting an Airbnb for three months. Every morning there was a huge great Dane howling at 6 am. Again if I lived in this city I would be straight at the owner’s door. To sort the barking dog out. It drove me and most neighbours barking mad.

The howling was constant and very annoying. I find barking dogs after a while upset my mental state of mind.

In Australia recently a neighbour killed his neighbour’s dog. When ask why? He simply said,

it drove him barking mad.

Barking dogs and dogs are not for all. The constant barking ends up drilling into non-barking minds. I get very upset and it affects my patience. Dogs bark for a reason? That reason is they want to care, love and attention. If they don’t get it. They will bark all day long.

Italy For Dachshund

In Italy, the most popular dog is the Dachshund which I call a sausage Dog. They bark at anyone for no reason for hours. I saw so many breeds here in italy.


Romanian Dog Ownership

The highest ownership of dogs within Europe is in Romania. I have witnessed first-hand people owning up to six dogs in one house. From barking dogs in flats to big homes. The dogs in Romania constantly bark. My observation is that they never take them for walks. Romanians use them as security for their home. They tie them up at night and all day locked in a backyard or a flat.

They are 100% neglected emotionally. My neighbours have dogs and it has driven me into a woman possessed when confronting them. After three weeks of constant 5 am barking and 3 am barking, I had enough.

My neighbour had the dog tied up for three weeks due to his new grass being grown. After a few days, I went and offered him the option to have the dog lay in my huge backyard. He refused the offer. And that is when I lost my cool and told him he was being cruel to the dog.

The dog had puppies and the puppies were left in the cold winter outside. The dog was barking. I knocked on his door again and asked him to remove the dogs and puppies as it was upsetting to me. He was cruel as a dog owner.

The next day all the puppies were gone. I am convinced he killed them all. To see the dog being treated so poorly was not an option but for me to speak up. Dog’s being neglected is mentally upsetting for me.

Homeless dog centres here in Romania are flooded with people like me calling. I called and called organisations, but no one ever picked up.

Dogs here are for security and nothing more. They are neglected in a personal loving way. This is my personal observation so far for most dog owners in Romania.

Dogs - Are Your Neighbours Dog Driving You Barking Mad

Dog Owners Don’t Care About Their Barking Dogs

I can’t fathom and believe how many dog owners have no care and consideration for others when it comes to their dog barking. The dog is not the issue, it is the owner themselves. I have asked politely for them here in Romania to shut the dog up when it’s barking. I ask the owners, does it not bother you the barking?

The owners were bemused by my questions. They don’t care. Dog owners simply don’t care. They are dog tone-deaf. It is utter disrespect to people like me who don’t and choose not to have a dog.

What is more alarming is that my other neighbour agrees with me about the constant barking and how annoying it is. I asked them, Why don’t you confront the neighbour in your native language.

They simply say it won’t do a thing. Handsup, they are right. All I have created is utter friction between me and the dog owners. They avoid me like a plague.

The dogs keep barking.

Dog Police

I get asked all the time. Why don’t you call the police? But is a dog barking constantly against the law? Should there be new laws regarding dogs in flats and confined spaces? In Romania homeless dogs are massive.

Me calling the police in Romania would be a laughable offence. So it is very cultural regarding controlling one’s barking dog.

In Andorra, people complain about other people making some noise but allow dogs to bark anytime they want. In Italy, the Italians don’t mind. I know someone in Rome whose dog during the summer is put outside at 11 pm due to the heat.

It starts barking all night. Dog ownership in this area is massive, so much so there are more dogs than people themselves.

So as someone complaining about barking dogs. One becomes the minority with little power to change the narrative.

Dogs For Mental Health

Many people during lockdown bought dogs. It was easy to do so as everyone was working from home. Everyone would give the dog as much personal attention as it needed. People were walking the dogs as a legal gateway to being allowed to get away from the home during Covid 19. So now many have realised that owning a dog is like owning a child it requires money and care. You can’t leave it in a flat or a yard all day whilst at work.

As this is why it’s driving me barking mad. The dog barks because it is being neglected.

No Dog On The Estate

Is there a market where no pets are allowed? I would pay for that in a heartbeat. I googled it, but not anywhere have I found this to be a service. I grew up with dogs, running free as working dogs on a farm. I like dogs that are trained, well nurtured and looked after as a dog. My sister is blind her guide dog is amazing and so grateful they exist for the freedom and independence they offer my sister.

Make sure if you buy a dog prepare your home for it.

Share solutions on how to combat barking dogs thanks to inconsiderate neighbours.

I am going barking mad to the extent, that I am moving out of my rental.