What is the ancient greek loom? It is a weaving skill like knitting and sewing. It is about patiently weaving strands of yarn together to create a beautiful fabric.

Designs can be made from dresses, and skirts to anything bespoke and limited edition. Ancient Greek loom can also be used as an umbrella or cover for furniture.

Weaving By Hand

Weaving by hand is a tradition that dates back 2000 years. Sadly on the island of Mykonos, there is only a handful of women holding onto the tradition.

The art of learning Greek loom has one mesmerised by its intricacies: the patterns, textures and colours. Many learn by spending hours spinning the shawls from the lamb’s wool. Lamb wool is very soft and makes wonderful shawls.

Greek Loom -What Is Ancient Greek Looming

What Collections Can Be Worn?

Products include limited edition belts, accessories and shawls. The popular one is a traditional Greek bag with tassels. To keep the dye natural avocado is one of the favourite ingredients.

Silk is another source to create amazing items. Fast fashion has far-reaching effects in terms of plastic pollution. Sourcing silk and wool as natural fibres make a real difference for the body, soul and mind.

Greek Loom -What Is Ancient Greek Looming white

Why Wear Greek Loom?

At fifty I have so many clothes. In the last year, I love buying from individual designers. So crotchet is one of my favourite items to wear. it is so beautiful and eye-catching. it makes me feel special and my items are one-off pieces.

Crotchet 2021 skirt and dress Gracie Opulanza (2)

I had this made for me it is an art piece from Ukraine.

Bed Linen

If you are seeking luxury sleeping bed linen. Then get a Greek Loom made for your bed. If you are a passionate vegan and all for organic and cruelty-free materials. Then invest in Greek Loom.

Learning skills like this is also great for depression and anxiety. It keeps the mind active and is also fabulous for Alzheimer’s too.

Ditch Zara and invest in items that last a lifetime and have personal meaning.