Fashion events, once the epitome of glamour and excitement, have become a breeding ground for insecurity and judgment. As someone who adores an opulent lifestyle and enjoys the finer things in life, I often find myself questioning why I even bother attending these events. The recent experience at Pitti Uomo was a stark reminder of the toxicity that pervades the fashion world.

Let’s start with the glaring issue of judgment. At Pitti Uomo, I was constantly scrutinized for my appearance. I wasn’t draped in the latest couture or sporting the trendiest accessories. Instead, I opted for a look that resonated with my personal style, only to find myself sidelined and laughed at when inquiring about certain menswear collections.

It was evident that I was being judged based on my outfit, rather than my knowledge or passion for fashion. And building a menswear company from nothing, I am one the very few women in the world who own an online magazine called


Press Room Battlefield

The press room was another battlefield. Despite having the necessary credentials, the manager of the press restaurant seemed determined to make my life difficult. Gaining access to the press area felt like a David versus Goliath struggle. I saw non-press individuals waltz in effortlessly while I had to argue my case to be acknowledged as “press-worthy.”

It was frustrating and demeaning.

One day later I was on that list, but the way I was greeted at reception was disgusting.

Then came the encounter with a fashion brand owner. I was filming his collection, focusing on the semi-naked male models, which seemed to rub him the wrong way. He yelled at me, questioning my intentions and professionalism. The irony was palpable; while women ogled the male models, my presence as a woman documenting it felt almost perverted in his eyes.

It was a classic case of double standards.



The underpayment in the fashion industry is another bitter pill to swallow. Despite the glitz and glamour, most individuals working in fashion are grossly underpaid. Models, photographers, stylists, and even journalists are expected to work for exposure rather than fair compensation. It’s a harsh reality that belies the luxurious façade of the fashion world.

Fashion events, in theory, should be a place for creativity, innovation, and networking. Instead, they have turned into arenas where individuals are bullied, discriminated against, and made to feel unworthy. My experiences have made it clear that these events are not the ideal place for making business connections or being taken seriously.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Despite these challenges, my love for fashion remains undeterred. There’s a certain thrill in attending these events, a chance to witness firsthand the creativity that designers pour into their collections.


The energy is infectious, and amidst the judgment and snobbery, there are moments of genuine brilliance and inspiration.

I recall a moment at a recent fashion show where a young designer showcased a collection that was nothing short of breathtaking. The intricate details, the innovative use of fabrics, and the sheer artistry were mesmerizing. It reminded me why I fell in love with fashion in the first place. These glimpses of creativity and passion are what keep me coming back, despite the negativity that often surrounds these events.

As someone who enjoys an opulent lifestyle, I understand the allure of fashion. The thrill of donning a stunning gown, the excitement of strutting down a runway, and the joy of being part of something larger than life. Fashion has the power to transform, to make us feel confident and beautiful. It’s an art form that deserves respect and appreciation.

Gracie Opulanza Made In Italy (2)

Respect And Appreciation Should Go Both Ways

But respect and appreciation should go both ways. The fashion industry needs to address the underlying issues of judgment, discrimination, and underpayment. It’s time for a change, for an environment where creativity and passion are valued over appearances. Where individuals are compensated fairly for their work and where everyone, regardless of their style or status, feels welcomed and valued.

Attending fashion events should be a joyous occasion, not a battleground. We should be celebrating diversity, encouraging innovation, and supporting each other. The industry has the potential to be so much more than it currently is. It can be a place where creativity thrives, where everyone feels included, and where passion for fashion is the driving force.

I urge those in the fashion world to take a step back and reflect. Are we fostering an environment that values individuals for their contributions? Are we paying people what they deserve? Are we creating spaces where everyone feels they belong? If the answer is no, it’s time to make some changes.

Fashion is about more than just clothes; it’s about expression, identity, and community. Let’s work towards an industry that embodies these values. An industry where judgment is replaced with acceptance, where underpayment is replaced with fair wages, and where everyone feels valued and respected.


Despite the challenges, my love for fashion remains steadfast. I will continue to attend fashion events, not because I enjoy the judgment or the struggle, but because I believe in the potential of the fashion world. I believe in the power of creativity, the beauty of innovation, and the joy of expression.

So, let’s embrace fashion for what it truly is – a celebration of individuality, a showcase of talent, and a platform for creativity. Let’s create an industry that we can all be proud of, where everyone feels valued and respected, and where the love for fashion is the common thread that unites us all.