When you hang the Do Not Disturb sign, don’t expect utter privacy. The world we live in has shifted the rules. Policies now enforce daily wellness checks, and I’ve experienced this firsthand during my extensive travels reviewing luxurious hotels.

Hotel’s call this now Wellness Checks.

Why the need for these checks? The reasons are disheartening but necessary. They want to ensure guests are safe, alive, and not involved in illegal activities. Sadly, our world isn’t as innocent as we would like. Wellness checks are done to prevent tragic situations like death, sex trafficking, illegal drug activities, domestic violence, or property damage.

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Wellness Checks

I adore opulent lifestyles, always choosing the most extravagant suites and indulging in their lavish offerings. However, this comes with the understanding that even in the most prestigious hotels, privacy isn’t absolute. The reality is, even the most extravagant hotel suite doesn’t provide complete isolation.

Imagine this: you’re enjoying your luxurious bubble bath, surrounded by scented candles, and the door opens for a wellness check.

It’s quite the interruption! Yet, these intrusions are for our safety, and understanding this helps maintain peace of mind.

During a recent stay at a renowned Four Seasons five-star hotel, I experienced this firsthand. The suite was exquisite, adorned with silk sheets and a chandelier that could rival those in palaces. I hung the Do Not Disturb sign, hoping for uninterrupted bliss.

The next morning, a gentle knock and a wellness check reminded me of the world outside my bubble of luxury.

Fourseasons Resort Koh Samui Thailand Gracie Opulanza Orange Straw hat 2023 (4)

While these checks may feel intrusive, they are a small price to pay for safety and security. It’s a trade-off I accept, knowing it allows me to continue enjoying my opulent adventures around the globe. So, the next time you stay in a hotel, remember that the Do Not Disturb sign doesn’t guarantee total privacy, but it does ensure your safety. Embrace the interruption with a smile and a sense of humor, knowing it’s all part of the luxurious journey