A lot of the time, when you think about stylish homes, you may dream of large, open spaces and plenty of room. In reality, your home may be significantly smaller than you would like. However, this doesn’t mean that your home can’t look and feel amazing. There are ways to transform a smaller home that can still help you to feel like you have space. Not all of the options available to you need to cost a lot of money either, which can be ideal for someone who wants to stick to a strict budget.

Many people understand that lighter colours on the walls can have a positive effect on room size, however, artwork can be important too. Rather than opting for dark and dingy paintings, you may want to consider some great alternatives. Hanging a picture because you like it can be nice, however, there may be no real connection between yourself and the image. Alternatively, you could opt to have some of your personal photos of yourself, family, friends, pets, or even snapshots printed out onto a canvas. 

canvas on the wall

Ordering from hello canvas can allow you to consider the size of canvas you require and take out a lot of that hard work. From here, you can then simply wait for delivery, and then hang the canvas. These can also be helpful for those living in rented accommodations, as they are often quite lightweight and may not do a lot of damage to walls.

The level of organisation within your home can also be quite helpful when wanting it to look fashionable. Clutter can make it seem like your home isn’t put together, or that you have no real idea of how to store items and use space. Taking the kitchen as an example, you may want to arrange your food cupboard so that items are easy to find. Storage jars and displays are very on-trend right now, and they not only look good but make life a little easier at the same time.

painting doors

You may also want to consider changing the colour of other items in your home, not just your walls or furniture. Painting the internal doors within the property can help to transform your home’s appearance. This could allow you to put together colour schemes within rooms, or simply make your home look different from before. You might also be able to use this to hide dirt or marks more than a traditional white gloss may be able to. Just bear in mind that, especially with dark colours, this could potentially make rooms look a little bit smaller.

Although you may not have copious amounts of space, you might be able to make some smart choices when it comes to your home’s décor. Changing the ways that you use a space, and taking a little bit more time to make sure that things are in order, could also give a message to visitors that you take as much pride in the fashion of your home as you do your own appearance.