Whilst browsing in Jigsaw I noticed the huge hat box collection. My vintage suitcase trend prediction has hit the high streets. The quality of the hat box was of a high standard, the leather feels great.

What to do with a hat box?

Simple if suitcase fashion is your thing. Ditch the normal carry on case and start using the hat box. I did this recently at it certainly created a storm at the airport. Even this hat box for an  over night bag would update your accessories into a chic look.

Easyjet and Hat boxes

Easy jet don’t charge extra luggage when you have a hat box with you. So if you have a carry on bag plus a hat box they are certainly the way forward? Would be great if the update hat box had some wheels on the bottom converting it to a carrying on bag.

Whatever the trend vintage looking cases are back and don’t forget to raid the vintage stores if you want an authentic hat box. My black leather Antler box cost me a mere £30 and looks fabulous.


Black leather hat box


antler hat-box-2012-1

My vintage Antler hat box.