Whilst browsing in Notting Hill I walked into Jigsaw and had to blink twice? Why the sudden reaction? Helen and Tara the gorgeous staff members looked very chic and represented the latest Jigsaw collection. Infact I had to ask if they were wearing Jigsaw as it looked very unlike Jigsaw.

My favourite piece is the Pink Trophy Tweed jacket Helen was wearing. The way she teamed it with skinny jeans and her own design head piece just completed her chic look.

So keep an open mind the next time you are in Jigsaw and you may blink twice as the new collection rocks for 2012.

jigsaw-womens-fashion- 2012

Loving this complete look the colour of this dress is winter gorgeous, you look fab Tara

jigsaw-womens-fashion- 2012

Loving the Trophy Tweed Jacket. Oh so Chanel, but nope it’s designed by Jigsaw

jigsaw-womens-fashion- 2012

The Bicester Village girls in Jigsaw rocked with their hair styles

Jigsaw bag