Louis Mariette

Louis Mariette’s opulent creations represents his exuberant personality. His divine collections, inspired by his travels and worldly experiences, are just purely breathtaking pieces of art. Louis’s contemporary crystal-encrusted bridal collections are just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to his head pieces.

Red Carpet Head Wear

Louis Mariette is synonymous with head wear to be worn at red-carpet events. The sheer admiration became apparent when the passionate Cristina, lured me in to Louis’s studio of haute hat couture. His attention to details and costume fashion approach is why I adore his Milliner work. His past and current collections show you that he is one of the connoisseurs demanding you to wear his masterpieces. Kate Moss, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Lily Cole and Sophie Dahl among others are proud wearers of his exuberant creations.

His London Olympic headpieces are very stylish in a Grecian way. His Swarovski crystal headpiece is spectacular and represent that Hollywood glamour. It illustrates his attention to detail, skill and craftsmanship.

Louis is undeniably talented. Meeting him at the LOVEHATS , launch party gave me a clear insight to his talent. His character and passion for Milliner designs can only be summed up as a fashion Diva who wears his heart on his head.

Louis Mariette - The Opulent Milliner, Behind The Scenes

2012 Collection

Louis Mariette - The Opulent Milliner, Behind The Scenes

London Olympic Collection 2012

Louis Mariette - The Opulent Milliner, Behind The Scenes

Royal Ascot Collection 2012

Photos From My Visit To The Studio