Natalie Capell

Loved the head pieces very dramatic indeed.  Natalie began her journey at the  age 14, Natalie Capell has been dedicated to creating exceptional women’s clothing as a means of expression. She returned to her Catalan roots after graduating from Shenkar College of Design in Tel Aviv and established her brand in Barcelona in 2002. The brand embodies gentleness and strength at the same time, comfort and elegance, a reflection of the way of life of today’s woman. Along with her studio team, she is dedicated to developing clothes that offer an alternative interpretation of modern femininity. After years of experience and research, gem-like pieces are created, noted for their interplay of transparencies and manual embroidery work.

The boutique is an intimate space which hides a workshop round back, reminiscent of turn of the century ateliers in Paris. It is a place hidden in an alley of the old city, whose secret is spread by word of mouth since more than a decade ago.