Novak Djokovic regained his position as the dominant player in New York, reminding us of how he was previously denied entry to the country just 12 months ago. Similar to his performance in Australia, where he overcame the challenges of last year’s deportation controversy to win his 10th title at Melbourne Park, Djokovic has shown that he thrives under adversity. When he is faced with being excluded, as two Grand Slam host nations have experienced, he only comes back stronger.

In this epic clash, we witnessed a battle reminiscent of the biblical tale of David versus Goliath. It pitted the might of the government against none other than Novak Djokovic, the reigning world champion in tennis. It is worth noting that Djokovic’s mindset is deeply influenced by his upbringing in Serbia, a country with a communist history.

It is evident that Novak was facing bullying from the United States, Australia, and the bullies who have been vaccinated.

The story is like my own being bullied, by powerful organisation such as the British Fashion Council. Bullying has made me stronger in business and with people who dare try to bully me.

Eagles Saor Alone

A 24th major title is a remarkable achievement for an athlete who is known for his defiance. It’s even more astonishing to think that Djokovic could have had 26 or 27 titles if it weren’t for the controversies surrounding his vaccination status and the incident with the lineswoman at the 2020 US Open. These incidents led to Djokovic being portrayed as a global outcast, as he faced challenges with Australia’s strict COVID-19 border policy and the Biden administration’s extension of the ban on unvaccinated foreign nationals.

Unjabbed Novak Versus The World Leaders

“During a BBC interview, Amol Rajan expressed his bewilderment as he asked Novak Djokovic why he chose to remain unvaccinated despite the opportunity for tennis greatness. Djokovic, already established as one of the all-time greats, faced criticism for his stance on vaccinations. However, he believed he could wait out the pandemic and observe how the situation unfolded. Judging by his renewed focus and determination upon his return, it appears that Djokovic made a calculated decision.

Djokovic finds strength in standing firm against his detractors and staying true to his beliefs, despite the consequences. While some may disagree with his decision to refuse the vaccine, it is undeniable that he remains committed to his convictions, even when it comes at a personal cost. It is unfortunate that he was banned from the 2022 US Open after being allowed to compete in 2021 under stricter protocols. However, it is not surprising that he has made a strong comeback in 2023, winning both the Cincinnati and Flushing Meadows tournaments on American soil.


Australia Humiliates & Bullies Novak

In Australia, a similar narrative played out as Djokovic responded to a humiliating experience in a refugee detention center by winning every match in Adelaide and Melbourne. While some players might have struggled with deep mental trauma after being incarcerated and expelled, Djokovic used his nightmare as motivation. Despite the challenges posed by the US travel ban, he has performed exceptionally well, as if he had never been away. Djokovic acknowledged that it was not an easy feat, but he finds inspiration in the fact that people love comeback stories, which ultimately motivate him.

If you were to read every self-help manual ever written, their collective wisdom would pale in comparison to the psychological strength that Djokovic has cultivated. He possesses the remarkable ability to overcome any challenge and turn setbacks into opportunities to assert his dominance. According to his coach, Goran Ivanisevic, during their reunion for the American hardcourt season, Djokovic never mentioned his loss to Carlos Alcaraz in the Wimbledon final.

I grew up with this mindset of bullying. Australia is built on fear of inputting media. I was ashamed to be called Australian when this all unfolded. Australia bullied Novak, till the bitter end. For merely not being vaccinated. He had his reasons, and he had access to the best doctors in sports in the world. Novak would have done his research on why he refused the vaccine.

USA Bullies Novak

The focus was exclusively on the US Open, with no room for reminiscing about past outcomes. It is intriguing how his fellow tennis players seek guidance from psychologists and mentors when they have someone with such a sharp mind in their midst.

When questioned about whether he regretted missing two major tournaments due to his decision to not get vaccinated, Djokovic responded confidently. He stated that he had no regrets and believed that dwelling on past decisions only impedes progress. Given his impressive record of playing in 72 majors, reaching the final in 36 of them, and winning 24, his words carried a sense of undeniable truth.

According to Ivanisevic, Djokovic is expected to continue playing tennis until the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028. This raises the possibility that Djokovic could potentially win 30 major titles, a concept that was once considered unimaginable. Achieving this feat would not solely rely on Djokovic’s exceptional talent, but rather on his unwavering determination, which is what sets him apart as one of the most captivating sports figures of our time.