The grey three piece suit for this winter is strong for both men and women. Ralph Lauren has made a clear statement  for us women to embrace this winter. That women too in suits can look amazingly powerful. If you want to stand out form the norm this combination is what you should embrace.

The large trousers just add to this design. Ditch the gloves and the hat and you are a sure winner for business success.

Hair & Makeup

The revamp we are seeing in eyebrows is a natural and fuller look. It’s about getting a  thicker, full and perfectly looking sculpted brows.  There are two main options to focus on when filling in your brows. The  colour that you choose for getting a full look in is really important.  Go for a colour that  matches  your hair colour. Make sure you buy the right tools and products, it makes all the difference. A proper brow application is the stencil.


With your hair, tie it back or try a Victoria Beckham cut, which can give you a dramatic change. The  retro cut is the simplest styles to create, as it is a plain short haircut with a straight fringe  on you forehead.  Make sure the rest of the hair has the same length all the way around the head. For  fake shaved sides, grab some hair gel or spray to smooth hair down. You will result in getting masculine hair.

hairstyles, eyebrows 2012 for-women-wearing-suits

This combined with your 3 piece suit is so powerful looking for this winter