Looking to get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions? Thailand is the perfect place to reflect and set your intentions for the year. It’s surrounded by relaxing natural clear waters and even has a secret meditation room, which is the sea and sand itself. Looking for something more spontaneous? We’ve got you covered with these last-minute trips. As the cost of living soars and relentless strikes from the NHS and The Stop Oil protests. One must take care of the mental health of both family and friends.

Tis the season to escape somewhere sunny where you can leave all your worries behind. If your dream this holiday is to post up in a pool and get massages by sea.  Thailand is that retreat called the Joshua Tree that is waiting for you.

Thailand Ko Samui (3)


Getting There And Away

Online visas are easy to access but you can also get a visa when you land. It just takes longer to process. Bangkok airport is new, clean vibrant and has the latest in AI technology to get you through a speedy visa entrance. On arrival, you can also get a SIM card for your stay not expensive at all and well worth the online access for some wonderful Tik Tok and Instagram posts.

Swimming pool

Ko Samui

Ko Samui is Thailand’s second-largest island full of digital nomads, Russians escaping the war and ex-pats. It offers a modern way of living where homeschooling families can send their children to international schooling. It has modern shopping centres and even a Makro for those western treats. The hub is called fisherman village which hosts trendy spa and wellness retreats as well as restaurants and bars right on the waterfront. Throughout the island, there are many access points for sipping cocktails and having a glorious massage right on the beach. one of the more local beaches and fewer tourists is Choengmon Beach which has many updated resorts to explore and tap into such as Melia resort. Ko Samui also has the Sixth Sense Beach and the Fours Seasons to really tuck yourself away get a manicure and a pedicure and experience the world of luxury.

Ko Samui Ko Samui

Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta is near the city of Krabi and many Germans and Swedes venture here for a more low-key option. It is ever so popular with young families looking to escape the European winter months. It has more of a pack backer and a generation z vibe to it. There are no shopping centres but more local shops. The famous Old Town has restaurants famous for being built on sticks. It overlooks the sea and is very relaxing. I have found some wonderful eating places here. Rent a motorbike and go explore the island with some unique access to the sea with fabulous views.

Ko Lanta Old Town hailand food Gracie Opulanza fruit mango beach (1)

Rent A Motorbike

I would recommend renting a motorbike only if you are a very confident rider. Do not rent a motorbike on Ko Samui if you have never been on a motorbike. This island is busy and full of large 4WD, make sure you invest in a full-face helmet and up your insurance to facial disfiguration costs. Many people crash here and the traffic is fast and unpredictable. I got my confidence riding a motorbike on the less busy roads of Ko Lanta. There are plenty of private taxis to get access to if you are a family or can’t ride a bike. Ride at all times with trainers for grip. When you need to stop, flip-flops won’t do the job and it could cost you your life.


I would stay in Bangkok for food, fashion and access to some of the most amazing shopping centres money can buy. I normally stay a few days before I fly back to Europe to get some latest fashion trends that I can’t find back in Italy. The glorious new shopping centre on the riverfront called IconSiam is amazing for the architecture alone. It has an amazing huge coffee place with ceiling-to-floor clear glass to soak up the latest tik tok trends.

Icon Siam BangkokKo Samui

The artificial underground food market is amazing. Surrounded by fake canals and fully airconditioning it is a great introduction for those never been to Thailand. The food culture is affordable and yummy to eat. You also have other shopping malls called. Centralworld, MKBcentre Terminal21, one of my favourites is Platinum Fashion Mall, great for shopaholics.