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I have been living in Andorra for many years. There are two important facilities and activities to embrace. That is many Ski resorts and fr crazy riders downhill. There are many downhill tracks and plenty of challenging bike trail areas.

Rabbit fur Gracie Opulanza Vintage coat

The downhill circuits are one of the best in the world. You can see my interviews with Greg Minnaar three-time world champion for downhill mun taking biking.

UCI mountain bike world cup - Andorra

Downhill Mountain Biking

Cyclist all over the world come to have some fun here in Andorra. The infrastructure here is brilliant for many bike lovers. The downhill trails vary. Vallnord hosts world championship activities in La Massana.

Mountain bikers love the different levels Many people from Barcelona come from Spain to explore in the summer months. The wood park offers so many fun and challenges.

UCI mountain bike world cup - Andorra

How Tough Is The Circuit?

Cross-country and descent in pal Arinsal are tough. So make sure you have good gear. There are chair lifts in Pal to take your mountain bike up to the bike trial area. In August the Mtb have world championships for downhill mountain biking. Everyone meets at Vallnord bike park. It is a great atmosphere.

Many people also come from Toulouse.

Many French stop at Soldeu for cigarettes and alcohol.

Andorra is a beautiful place tucked away on the border between France and Spain. The principality of Andorra is a place with narrow valleys and mountainous landscapes. It’s a country that offers 361 days of shopping and entertainment, yes they are closed only 4 days a year. Andorra is a great winter sports destination but also offers plenty of activities in summer. At the moment it is hosting the amazing Cirque du Soleil and the UCI mountain bike world cup. The weather is great throughout the year and shops are modern, offering a wide selection of the latest labels at tax-free prices.

Wear Fur

It’s cold here and many women wear fur to stay warm.

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Grandvalira Ski Resort

I have been skiing here for years. Grandvailra has just invested 15million euros in ski lifts and new bars. Apres-ski is at its all-time best here in Andorra.

Plenty of slopes for beginners. The altitude is lovey for my mental health. Plenty of ski schools to learn how to ski at any level. Make sure you have snow chains or snow tyres when entering Andorra.

You need a green pass to ski here in Andorra. Lockdown and Covid 19 mean masks must be worn inside and when entering the ski lifts. You also need it to enter restaurants.

I love eating at the Grau Roig hotel and skiing in this area.

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Cirque Du Soleil

Cirque Du Soleil happens every year here in Andorra. The setting is small and unique.


Shopping at the Illa Carlemany shopping centre in Andorra is a nice way to stay warm. But Andorra has many new shops. ZARA is the cheapest in the world. A new Replay store has opened. many coffee and chocolate shops are nowhere in Andorra. The posh supermarket is called the Pyrenees. Brace pursued the worse car park exit in the world.

Did you know that Andorra has the most shops per capita in the world, yes you fashionistas will not be disappointed here.  Stores like Mango, Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Desigual, and many other clothing labels are present here at prices lower than anywhere else.

Cirque Du Soleil show in Andorra