I met jewellery designer Breatrice Pieron Lube in Lucca Italy when I saw her work I fell in love. Her jewellery is avant-garde made from the heart here in Italy. Her collection is original art pieces that can be worn and showcased in my very own home. In all the jewellery I have worn I have never had so many people asking me about her rings and necklaces.


Artist and goldsmith, Beatrice Pieroni Lubé lives and works in Florence. Over the last few years, she has exhibited in various Galleries, in Italy and abroad, and given life to performances inspired by the art jewel. Many of her “microsculptures” have become part of important private collections.
Always attentive to forge new expressive styles, her work focuses mainly on the analysis of nature described through the lens of introspection. Dense volumes and bodies moving within a precise space represent a language through which to communicate, from time to time, harmony and rupture, tension and detente, opening and closing, carrying on a game of empathic exchange with the environment and the universe that surrounds it.

The use of goldsmith microsculpture allows Beatrice Pieroni Lubé to directly shape the physical matter, giving it that unusual density capable of underpinning the concept that underlies her work. Beauty and harmony are simple starting points.

Behind hides a yearning that leads to the origin of the artistic thought. Each of her works, in being unique and unrepeatable, openly expresses this impetus to the comparison between what it represents and what it actually communicates. An endless vocabulary from which to draw into to compose, giving the metal the soul and energy of a work of art.

One of the latest exhibitions was at MAD, Museum of Art and Design in New York in April 2018, with the exhibition LOOT, MAD about jewellery.

Beatrice Pieroni Lubé Italian Jewellery Florence (1)

Beatrice Pieron Lube Butterfly ring

Beatrice Pieroni Lubé

Eone is the synthesis of an allhuman energy. Charm,imagination, decision, courage, find form and harmony in that absolute universe from which everything is generated and moves. The matter finally opens, reaching to touch the irrational part of the spirit. He tames it, exalts it, breaks it down, becoming itself an indispensable part. Each element blends into an ideal embrace in which mind and body, life and environment, will and imaginative instinct become part of the same creative design.

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Butterfly Silver & Bronze Necklace

This butterfly silver & bronze necklace is stunning on. It is a piece that will always stay present during any season. A masterpiece that will look better over time. I wore it with a t-shirt and it looked so funky. Three people asked me in one day where I bought it from. For me, that is why you invest in unique avant-garde jewellery.

No two pieces are ever the same, it is why I choose to wear Beatrice Pieroni Lubé. The avant-garde are people or works that are experimental, radical, or unorthodox with respect to art, culture, or society. 

I hang them around my house as they are such an interior design feature too. I can’t stop looking at it, I am in love.

Beatrice Pieroni Lubé - Avant Garde Jewellery

Butterfly Silver Ring

I have big hands and all my rings are huge. I talk with my hands so what I choose to wear is part of my branding. My hands are amazing and powerful essentials in getting business done.  This butterfly silver ring is an art piece on show all day and every day. It is heavy and made of the finest silver materials. Everything is weighed and calculated in price accordingly.

This is not a ring you will find on the high streets of London, New York or Florence. Beatrice Pieroni Lubé collection is made to order.

Beatrice Pieroni Lubé - Avant Garde Jewellery - Vespa

Once again when I take it off I use it as a display of art in my house.  Beatrice Pieroni Lubé collections are art pieces that can be displayed both on and off the hands.

Beatrice Pieroni Lubé - Avant Garde Jewellery

Beatrice Pieroni Lubé - Avant Garde Jewellery

Tsukimi Kana Contemplate The Moon

A sprout of poetry that opens up to the sky, letting the breath of life flow freely. In Japanese Tsukimi Kana (contemplates the moon) is a simple and absolute poetic and physical gesture. Time abandons to the slow movement of waiting. An imaginary cradle embraces the sky, capturing the moon and freezing its perennial motion. Everything in that instant becomes an infinite possibility. The silver of the stars and the bronze of the earth marry on the horizon line of an emotion that annihilates and takes the breath away.

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Bespoke Made To Order Helka

It is from the bowels of the earth that life takes shape. Magma, like sap that deepens its generating power, enriching. Ash and smoke that increase a land that is finally fertile, shaped in a creative and uncontrollable vortex. Nature that frees itself, exploding its energy to infuse and forge. The matter that transcends dense and mineral volumes, assuming a single expressive richness. Hekla becomes a symbol of this land, like the flower and the fruit. It embodies the meaning of the cycle which, through the eruption, allows life to flourish.

Nothing is too challenging with Beatrice Pieroni Lubé, everything and all things are possible. Materials used in her collection are bronze, silver and gold along with other gemstones. But if you have a stone or diamond you want to include, this is not an issue at all.

Beatrice Pieroni Lubé - Avant Garde Jewellery Hekla

Beatrice Pieron Lube - Avant Garde Jewelery Beatrice Pieron Lube - Avant Garde Jewelery