Pietrasanta is a town and comune situated on the northern coast of Tuscany in Italy. It is located in the province of Lucca and is considered part of the Versilia region. Positioned on the final foothills of the Apuan Alps, approximately 32 kilometres north of Pisa, Pietrasanta is only 3 kilometres away from the coast. It is worth noting that the frazione of Marina di Pietrasanta can be found in this area. Any women coming here to buy luxury goods are wealthy, have a passion for leather goods, and dress perfectly.

This city is home to a variety of unique boutiques that feature stunning galleries, talented artisans, and luxurious shops. It is becoming increasingly uncommon to come across places that are both impeccably clean and exude the charm of Italy.

It serves a clientele consisting of wealthy international individuals and affluent Italians hailing from Milan. Amidst the pandemic, I stumbled upon a boutique specializing in clothing and leather handbags named Elene Berton Official. Their bags are meticulously crafted in Tuscany, with an average production time of six weeks, as stated by the brand. Among their collection, I purchased a gorgeous olive green leather handbag, which I adore. However, I failed to notice that the cotton insert bag was not properly assembled, causing it to fall apart after just a few uses. Unfortunately, I had already left Italy and only returned from my travels in October of 2023. Consequently, I have been unable to utilize the bag, and it remains in pristine condition.

Elena Berton  Customer Service Response

The bag I bought was on sale, leading me to wonder if it was discounted because of a defect. However, let’s assume that the company had good intentions. In my experience working with luxury brands, I’ve always been taught that the customer is always right. It is essential to treat customers well because, without them, a business cannot thrive. The pandemic has undoubtedly reminded us of this important lesson.

When I reached out to the brand via email, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a response from the owner herself. However, I must admit that her initial tone came across as belittling towards me. She mentioned that because the bag was on sale, I was not considered a valued customer. I leave it up to you, the reader, to evaluate the owner’s approach to customer service and the brand’s overall ethos based on her response.

This is the day I bought the bag, which I was in the town due to my luxury reviews and support Pietrsanta Tuscany Il Duomo

Gracie Opulanza Olive leather made in Italy handbag

Gracie Opulanza Email

This is Gracie Opulanza, l bought several items from your fabulous store, during the pandemic.
One of the items was your olive green bag.
I did notify that after two weeks the internal cloth zip broke.
But l have been travelling so much, l could not get it repaired.
I dropped by your boutique in Pietrasanta yesterday. Congratulations on your latest bag collections.
I noticed the bag’s internal cloth was suede leather with a press button. I also noticed the high-standard leather handle.
I can see your new collection is of high quality regarding the bag handle and internal cloth.
As a goodwill gesture. Could l bring the bag back to you?
Have the bag handle replaced and internal suede cloth attached to it?
The current bag looks unfinished and inside it has no purse slot.
Many people ask me about the bag but are left bemused as it does not fit your latest collection quality.
I am passionate about Italian craftsmanship and often write about it in my luxury magazines.
This bag has been made with such love l want to respect your brand and the artisan’s work.
Here is what it currently looks like.
The handle is too weak for the weight of the bag.
I would like the handle changed like your latest collection, stronger and thicker, including the purse cloth.
Thank you very much for this. I am in Lucca, l can drop it off ASAP. As l am only here for four weeks.
I work with luxury car brands and want to use the bag l bought for my next feature. But can’t due to its current state.
I forgot to attach the image, due to the poor design of how the handle is attached to the bag and weight of the bag. The leather is starting to tear.
I noticed your new collection, has a more robust handle attached to it.
Hence the urgent request to this matter.

Elena Burton Response

Good afternoon Gracie,

thank you for appreciating my current collection.
Your handbag was designed in a manner that is more sporty than the ones in my new collection. The leather used for that bag has been naturally tanned in Tuscany. You´ve bought a valuable, entirely handcrafted handbag even if it was on sale. Unfortunately, I cannot completely transform your bag and make it more similar to the ones of the current collection, it would be like to producing a new one.
What I can do is to let the zipper be repaired and check the stitching.
You can bring the bag to the store but it would probably take longer than 4 weeks. The opening hours of the store is Wednesday from 16h -20h, Thursday-Saturday 10h-13h, 16h-20h and Sunday 16h-20h.
Kind regards,
Elena Berton
The comment made in the email about purchasing the bag on sale is both offensive and irrelevant, as it insinuates that I am being referred to as a customer who seeks out cheap deals. The bag never had a sale tag on it when I bought it.
After two weeks of dropping the bag which has never been sent to the artisan, this is the response I got from Elena.

Good afternoon Gracie,

During my visit to the shop in Pietrasanta, I noticed your bag; however, the inner part had been removed. In order to repair the zipper, I will need the bag with its interior part. The thoughtful design of the bag includes a special type of cotton that secures and stabilizes the hand sewn leather straps to the main body (as shown in the attached picture). Please feel free to pass by or send the interior of the bag to the store in Pietrasanta.
Kind regards,
Elena Berton
Gracie Opulanza



Nice to hear from you. I don’t have it anymore. As it all fell apart, shortly after my purchase. It was poorly made. Not being able to use the bag since. Hence l returned the bag. I don’t live in Pietrasanta. So two-hour turnaround driving is inconvenient for me.

Elena Burton

Hello Gracie,

this is not possible as it is canvas and leather. Saying that it was „poorly made“ is offensive to my work and to the work of the artisans to put in hours to create a beautiful product like this. Please give us your address so that we can send you the bag, as the repair that we offered is not possible without the interior of the bag.
Kind regards,
Elena Berton

Gracie Opulanza


I am utterly taken aback by this. That the artisans who created such a beautiful bag simply can’t rectify the problem.
I drove two hours to drop it off and was told it would be fixed.
I did not make the bag and love the bag. I am confused as to why the very artisans you promote can’t fix it.


My address is

Please send the courier details with a tracking number. As the last thing l want is this €350 bag lost.
Can you send it this week?
Very best with your luxury business.
Kind Regards

Made In Italy Tuscany Ethos

In the region known as Tuscany, we find ourselves immersed in the world of leather. Working alongside artisans, I have never encountered any difficulties when it comes to modifying a bag. However, this situation has recently changed, thanks to Elena herself attitude, not the artisan’s.

To discover the number of artisans I collaborated with in Tuscany, both during and after the pandemic, and their valuable contributions to promoting the brand, simply click on the provided link called handbags

When it comes to my best bags, I always prefer to work directly with the artisan rather than going through a middleman like Elena Burton. This hands-on experience is truly exceptional.

The Bag Sent back

Look how a luxury brand sends a bag back after three weeks of waiting to be told they refuse to take responsibility for amending a sold-damaged item. It sums up the founder,  Elena Berton’s attitude towards me from the beginning. Gracie Opulanza, you as a customer are worthless.

Elena never showed the artisan the bag. She did not want to go that extra mile to amend her mistake.  Her poverty mindset towards me is why I won’t be recommending her boutique to anyone.

Elena-Berton-oietrasantra-leather-bag.jpg-olive-green-tuscany Elena-Berton-oietrasantra-leather-bag.jpg-olive-green-tuscany

The Faulty Handbag By Elena Burton

Upon receiving the image I sent, Elena quickly realized that the bag had deteriorated due to faulty stitching, resulting in the absence of cloth. What was particularly disheartening and offensive was her initial attitude. It seemed that Elena had no intention of allowing the artisan to examine the bag. Regrettably, she failed to recognize the significance of my patronage and the importance of investing her time, effort, and resources as a luxury boutique to rectify the situation, which any Tuscan artisan would have readily done.

Continuing from the previous point, it is disheartening to learn that the boutique, Elena Berton Official, did not live up to expectations when it came to customer service. The experience of driving two hours to drop off the defective bag at one’s own cost and inconvenience only to find out that the store was closed on a Wednesday is certainly frustrating. It raises questions about the reliability and accuracy of the information provided on their website. As a customer, one expects a certain level of professionalism and consideration from a luxury brand. In this case, it seems that there was a lack of communication and attention to detail on their part. It is important for businesses, especially those in the luxury market, to prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure that their operations run smoothly. Such mishaps can leave a negative impression on customers and tarnish the reputation of the brand.

Elena perceived me as a customer who wouldn’t come back and was solely interested in purchasing inexpensive items from her store. The average price of her bags is 1200 euros. I have previously made purchases of other products from her shop. Additionally, I frequently promote her store on Instagram and leave comments recommending it to others.

This is me ,two days after I bought the handbag as a cebration of nearly losing my husband due to covid I went to Venice for two months.

Venice - Florian Coffee House 2021 Gracie Opulanza italy (3)

Always remember to appreciate and value the support and assistance you receive. Unfortunately, Elena’s true colors were revealed when she treated me, a loyal customer, poorly. As a result, I will no longer be able to recommend her in the future. This situation has made me reflect on why I prefer to work directly with artisans from Tuscany. It also raises questions about how Elena treats her own staff.

Once I have the bag back in my possession, I will take it to my trusted artisans for necessary improvements. Elena Burton is responsible for the bag’s poor craftsmanship. I will document the process with a video, showcasing the before and after results. Additionally, we will be replacing the weak handle of the bag to ensure it can support the weaving and fringes of the bag body.

If you are curious about the source of inspiration for the weaving technique used in this bag, you will be interested to know that Elena took inspiration from none other than Roberta Di Camerino. I personally own three of her bags that are over seventy years old, and they are still in excellent condition. In contrast, Elena Burton’s bag did not even last 14 days after purchase.

Roberta Di Camerino Vintage Bag (2)