Jean Louis Sabaji at Dubai Fashion Forward

MenStyleFashion and Gracie Opulanza’s in house photographer Maria Scard is attending the Fashion Forward Dubai show this week to see what middle east fashion designers are creating. She was attending the Jean Louis Sabaji catwalk when she sent out this tweet.


When I read this tweet I was doing back-flips out of excitement. For me the collection was all about empowering women. What does it mean to be a confident woman? Do feathers empower women? Once again I adore men designing for women. Designer Jean Louis Sabaji gavewomen wings with his latest collection. He has captured the alluring presence and power a woman has over the male species. I love the use of feathers in his collection as I am a massive fan of using feathers to express myself. For my interviews I have used peacocks eyelashes to

empower myself amongst the male peacocks. Yes I know that male birds in the animal kingdom have more beauty. However, with the use of feathers in this collection, females can out do their male counter parts. A bit like the power the feathered Emu has in the animal kingdom.

Female Emu’s can mate several times and lay several batches of eggs in one season. The animals put on weight before the breeding season, and the male does most of the incubation, losing significant weight during this time as he does not eat.

Jean Louis Sabaji, as a child, used to get kicked out of school for drawing on tables. From there on he knew that Couture was going to define him as an artist, using his drawing skills on fabrics. You see, when one is obsessed about who they should be, it starts at a young age. So I am glad he pursued his passion and is sharing it with us on the stages of Dubai. Thank you so much for re-tweeting such a powerful collection. Jean Louis Sabaji’s choice of fabrics such as mousseline (muslin) and organza are as empowering and transparent as me. Go on and empower women…..