I’ve never been to Dubai let alone Fashion Forward Dubai. However, I seem to be writing about it more and more. You can read lots of articles here. Thanks to Maria Scard who has flown out there again to capture her perspective on why we think Dubai is serious about its fashion industry. I asked Maria specifically to focus on the three brothers from The Emperor 1688. Who are these three men that seem to get it right every single time and why I think it’s very powerful when men design for women.

Midnight Blue – What Does it Symbolize?

If there is one colour that seems to be lurking all over the world both for men and women, then it’s the deep powerful stunning colour, midnight blue. For me it’s the most striking colour on me. However, for whatever reason, I don’t own anything in this colour. I’m funny like that. So why is this colour so popular for 2015?

This colour is very close to navy. Midnight Blue carries the blue symbolism of importance, confidence, power, and authority. Darker blue is associated with intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism. I now understand why I look so good in it.

Being very dark, midnight blue can sometimes be a neutral like black which is also often seen as a conservative and authoritarian colour. So enjoy these images and don’t forget to leave some comments on what you think about the collection from The Emperor 1688.